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You don’t have to be pretty, just need to be sexy.

I guess the video totally sums up my title. Caroline in the video isn’t a class A model. Heck she isn’t all that sexy at all! She’s just dolled up and yet she’s having it easy.

Think about it, how about those really hot ones? I guess those really could get away from the worst crimes even!


update: Do check out my new post on a true story to support this theory – Perks of being pretty while driving.

Dating The Untouchables (for men)

  • Women like power. Show your guts and self-confidence. Someone has to be able to protect her when she is like the only flower among the bees.
  • Women like charisma. If you can make a woman laugh, you probably can make her do anything. They wouldn’t want someone who is just good-looking without a sense of humour.
  • Women like conversations. Stop starring at her but instead talk to her. They most probably get hit on very often to be sleep with. Think different.
  • Women like respect. Be cool, don’t drool. Respect her as a woman not as a sex object. Be a gentleman.
  • Women like praises. Tell her that you admire her. Not only just the looks but her. Compliment them on the most subtle actions. Like when she twitch her lips.
  • Women like observations. Women know themselves. Never ignore her looks. Say how matching her scarf is with her dress.
  • Women like IQ. As much as you want to sleep with her, she doesn’t. They prefer someone who will help them grow.
  • Women like freedom. Trust her as much as you want her to trust you. It’s common for her to get pick up and hit on most of the time. Be nice to the guy and he will be nice to you. Jealous, don’t be.