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Touching lives through DIODE YLC


DIODE is the best camp ever! The only camp which changed my life for the better. Each activity is specifically designed for a purpose. No matter what activity it is, indoor or outdoor, it benefits all campers. An extraordinary camp which pushes you beyond your limits, and at the same time allows you to have fun. You know what? This six-day camp can actually change lives.

As a dyslexic, I was never a confident person, often hiding behind my mum’s skirt. After building up my confidence at the camp, I emerged as  a champion at a public speaking competition, and went as far as judging for the national public speaking competition thereafter.

DIODE Camp is life changing! It will leave you with no regrets.

– Yeoh Shu Wen, Cassandra 18

For more info, contact Alvin 012 954 4222

A hauntingly beautiful powerful song about giving up

a great big world say something

A beautiful song went unnoticed for half a year until a second release followed by top 100 charts after Christina Aguilera throw in her delicate vocals into the mix. This song brings such powerful emotion about humility, sadness and regret.

Ian Axel & Chad Vaccarino wrote this song when both members were experiencing individual heartbreak. Must be hard to carry a scar this deep whenever this song is performed.

To summarize this hauntingly beautiful song

“When you have exhausted all you have for someone and the outcome still doesn’t favor you. Accept it and give up even when love remains.”

Rebecca Black is back with Saturday! [Video]

Rebecca Black Saturday

Why yes… of course the next song by Rebecca Black is ‘Saturday’!

After all she did sing about it in her first single.

“Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after … wards
I don’t want this weekend to end”

So is it safe to assume that the next song title is ‘Sunday’?

Anyway, here’s that new music video.

Amazing impromptu performance by Danny the homeless man. [Video]

Carlos w Danny

What a beautiful video to stumble upon on a Sunday morning. Danny, a homeless man just wandered around and saw Carlos Whittaker shooting a home video and decided to kneel down and join him. Danny has got this amazing Rastafarian style vocal that amazingly awed me.

Full song – God of Second Chances with Danny

Carlos Whittaker tells the story about the homeless man.

A thai commercial that made me tear. [Video]


For everyone, you might be watching this at home or at work.
For me, I watched it on a plane while waiting for everyone to board.

Maybe it was the commercial alone, maybe it was me on a plane, maybe it was the company I was with. It brought me tears. I was crying and I couldn’t stop it. Did you cry?

The Crazy Ones – Be a Leader [Video]

The Crazy Ones - Be a Leader

In Leaderonomics, it’s mandatory to be an actor from time to time. (check out the previous video I did with dmingthing) This particular video however put me in the spotlight, a soft spotlight too. Not sure if my colleagues do really feel this way about me or it’s just for acting’s sake. But it’s okay, I love you all!

Sorry, no ‘ang pao’ for your wedding if you serve shark’s fin. [Infographic]

To all my dearest friends, I would like to say sorry in advance if you do serve shark’s fin soup during your wedding. I would still attend your wedding but most probably you won’t find my ‘ang pao’.

Why? The infographic below explains everything.


Sharks kill about a dozen people Per Year
Humans kill 11,417 sharks killed Per Hour

Help Stop Finning

Shark Conversation Society

Stop Shark Finning

Humane Society International

Pew Environment


[image=Joe Chernov & Ripe Tungi collaboration]

Marissa Mayer, the superwoman behind Yahoo.


Nicolas Carlson from Business Insider has written a very insightful article on Marissa Mayer.

This article covers her early years as a student growing up. Getting her job at Google. Doing what she’s good at until she got demoted. But the demotion actually help shaped her into taking on new challenges in becoming the CEO of Yahoo! while having a baby.

Besides covering aspects of her life. It also talks about the struggles Yahoo! is facing and also the meticulous process in deciding who will be the next CEO of Yahoo! between Mayer or Levinsohn.

My favorite part of this article also made me laugh. Below is the excerpt.

Mayer heard him out, taking notes the whole time.
Within 24 hours, Mayer let Heckman know that she’d canceled all his deals and that his services were no longer needed by Yahoo.
Heckman flew to Ibiza, Spain for a 30-day vacation.

I can’t help but laughed out loud at the last line. A 30- day vacation was needed for being fired!

Reading the article also helped me understand what do people do most on their mobile.

The results made her laugh.
She learned that after activities like calling people, texting, and maps, the main things people do on their phones everyday are: check email, check weather, get news, get stock quotes, check sports scores, get entertainment news, share photos, communicate with groups, and ask questions.

So that’s what we all do on our mobiles?

The last bit that I liked about the article was how mobile startups are being bought over by silicon valley companies.

Yahoo lacked the mobile talent to staff such a group, so Mayer spent $200 million at the end of 2012 and through August 2013 acquiring more than 20 mobile startups. In almost every case, Yahoo would shut down the startup’s product, sign its engineering and product development people to two- and four-year contracts, and integrate them into Cahan’s team.

This is how you become rich overnight!

Full article – Marissa Mayer Biography

[image=Business Insider]