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It Did Matter

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It did matter, I sat in silence and pray,
clearly I’m a fool who has lost his way.
Was I too scared or too proud to delay,
it has to stop and that someday is today.

It did matter, the days gone by without you,
for you light up my world and it’s true.
Was I a fool to ignore what I knew,
my hope is that this is not overdue.

It did matter, the ways you held my hand,
and the footsteps we left on the sand.
Was I too blind to not see where we stand,
we were better and tighter than most bands.

“It does matter.” She said softly to me,
indeed a fool to have not realize the key.
I want you to be my only milady,
I hope you’ll see how lovely it is to agree.

Does it matter?

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My heart is aching and I know not why.
Was it the way you softly said goodbye,
or was it the way you calmly said hi.
Oh doesn’t matter, it’s too late to cry.

Standing at the end of this line again,
what a fool I am to be caught in vain.
There’s words to be said but my mouth remained.
Oh doesn’t matter, it’s too late to explain.

Memories of you appear like an art,
so vivid yet dreamy, can’t tell apart.
Did I ever hold that key to your heart?
Oh doesn’t matter, it’s too late to start.

I hope I’ve not been unfair to you, love.
You’ve been so much more to me and above,
I’ll miss the conversations we will never talk of.
Oh, does it matter now that I need your love.

A hauntingly beautiful powerful song about giving up

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A beautiful song went unnoticed for half a year until a second release followed by top 100 charts after Christina Aguilera throw in her delicate vocals into the mix. This song brings such powerful emotion about humility, sadness and regret.

Ian Axel & Chad Vaccarino wrote this song when both members were experiencing individual heartbreak. Must be hard to carry a scar this deep whenever this song is performed.

To summarize this hauntingly beautiful song

“When you have exhausted all you have for someone and the outcome still doesn’t favor you. Accept it and give up even when love remains.”

Most of All

Evenings in Miri by the beach with great company. #travel

Let’s go back to the beginning of time,
before the wind blew and bells start to chime;
Without a doubt I would not change a thing,
but I regret for keeping you from your King.

In light I wished I picked another way,
surely it will not lead us here today;
I know this has given me no choice,
Oh yes, I would miss your lovely voice.

I shall remove these bags from the ground,
I shall walk on by and not look around;
I know by now you’ll be gone by a mile,
Oh yes, I would miss your beautiful smile.

End this chapter and lock it with a key,
never ever shed a tear for me;
I know it’s really hard to stay apart,
most of all, I would miss your angelic heart.


Maybe some are just not cut to be in a relationship? [Video]

This video makes me wonder. Could this be the ultimate reason to 40 year old virgins? Of course I don’t expect all the woman to be starting to kill off everyone but the video does make a bit of sense. Minus the killing part is ultimately the kind of woman who just can’t stand anything. To set in their own world and ways to even want to accept anything else.

I guess some people are just not cut to be in a relationship at all.

The Almost Surprise Proposal [video]


The story is that Alex told Agnes that he will be arriving to KL on Wednesday morning. But in fact he was already in KL the day before.

The grand surprise is that I’ll get Agnes to Mid Valley to rendezvous with Alex for the proposal.

Everything went well until Tuesday morning. Agnes told me around 11:00am that she didn’t want to go Mid Valley with my dad anymore because she will be leaving the office late. I panicked because how else could I trick her into going to Mid Valley?

I told her that it’s my father’s last night in KL and said that my dad would like to bring her out to eat. Plus, my sister is also arriving that night itself.

Luckily she said yes. So everything went well until I arrived at Mid Valley. I told Alex that we’re here and he got a shocked because we arrived 30 minutes earlier. He asked me to stall her and I did.

Below is the video of what happens next…

The Rotten End


The tears that fall should be mine,
for she deserves no such kind;
Finally my heart is now bitten,
rotten, rotten I feel so rotten.

She walked into this trap of mine,
all because I was so blind;
This soul of mine I should burn,
rotten, rotten I feel so rotten.

Cheated she felt and left behind,
her love and grace robbed from mind;
What I did can’t be unwritten,
rotten, rotten I feel so rotten.

She is sunshine by design,
how could I miss that sign;
If there’s one thing I’ve learned,
rotten, rotten I feel so rotten.

If only time could unwind,
I would wait till the stars align;
But this divine love has fallen,
rotten, rotten can’t be forgotten.


Today, money can buy anything. Even quality love! [Poll]

“Money can’t buy love.”

Often times you still hear some people stand by that phrase. But let me tell you that it is a thing of the past. It did apply very evidently in the era where ladies are treated with respect by gentlemen. But sadly not today.

In the world today, money has become a very real and tangible part of human life. Without money, you can not enjoy the wonders of the earth has to offer. It is something that I strongly disagree but it has repeatedly gave me examples that I could not deny the power of money.

Love and money has long been associated side by side in many different manners. Today, they come together in one package. The more money you have the more love you get. It is just impossible to have love in this century without money. Financial stability is the number one factor a lady would consider before choosing a life partner. So men, if your financial is not stable. Most probably your love life is zilch or only superficial. Money problems are the number one cause of divorce today.

Yes, most would argue that money will only attract the ones who are after your money. True, but what if that lover is sincere and just happened to be rich? Isn’t that not only love but quality love? No lady would want to commit towards someone who couldn’t afford the next meal. And I’m not talking about the next vacation or shopping spree. It’s basic necessities of life.

Sure a kind lady would always say: “It’s fine if he cannot afford a luxurious date. I will be content with his love and what he has got to offer.”

But the same kind lady would also feel blessed and favor a man who could provide a sincere love with luxury. No one complains if their men could afford a bigger diamond even when she knows it is not a necessity.

So place your votes on the poll and leave a comment if you feel otherwise.

“Money cannot buy love and love cannot buy money, but money increases the chances of love and love decreases the need for money.”


Fake plane crash turns into a marriage proposal

I’ve written a few post about amazing marriage proposal’s here and here.

Ryan and Carlie’s engagement is both cute and heart stopping at the same time.

Ryan took a two person plane out for a spin and took some great pictures of themselves and the view. Moments later he decided to fake that the plane is out of control. He asked Carlie to read out the emergency check list for him and to her surprise it is actually his proposal. I don’t wanna spoil too much of the details here, go ahead, press play!