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Maybe some are just not cut to be in a relationship? [Video]

This video makes me wonder. Could this be the ultimate reason to 40 year old virgins? Of course I don’t expect all the woman to be starting to kill off everyone but the video does make a bit of sense. Minus the killing part is ultimately the kind of woman who just can’t stand anything. To set in their own world and ways to even want to accept anything else.

I guess some people are just not cut to be in a relationship at all.

When we fall in love again, do we love better or worst?

First Love
I want you to unwind back to your first love. Who was him/her? It felt perfect didn’t it? It feels 100% because everything was for the very first time. There was nothing, no one else to compare it with. But what if the first love didn’t worked out as planned? You had to pick up a new love. The soul tie that was formed previously with your first love has to be cut. Could it be cut completely, or will there always be a thin line holding each others heart? (Admit if you will that there will always be a little soft spot for the first love as kryptonites are to Superman.)

Below are 2 theories on loving better or worst after a complete clean breakup.

Loving Worst
Because the soul ties are not completely cut away from the first love, therefore we are not able to form complete soul ties with the next partnership. The second love could only experience 90% of what’s left from the first love because the remaining 10% is forever with the first love. I could not imagine what’s gonna happen for the remaining lovers if the second or third one fails. The more we love the more soul ties we form and the less is given because now the love of 100% is divided.

Loving Better
Even with the soul ties attached to the first love. We are able to love more. This is because our hearts heal, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. And because it heals, we are able to give a complete 100% or 110%. The more we have loved the better we are at understanding ourselves and our partners. Our hearts have infinite love if only you choose to unlock it. And with each new lover, our love will always flow like a river endlessly to a new found love because that’s where hope is found.

We always love better. Even when we are afraid of getting hurt again in a second relationship. The reserved heart will open up the moment we realize our lover is giving their all sincerely. All doubts will be lifted and you will choose again to love with all you have and even more because our hearts do heal.

“Our hearts have infinite love if only you choose to unlock it.”



7 billion population, why fight over a girl?

The Earth has 7 billion population. Amongst the 7 billion, over 1 billion are single and eligible females. Why are men still fighting over the same girl?

Throughout my life, I’ve seen numerous examples of guys going after the same girl and often it doesn’t end where the winning guy and the girl walks into the sunset like movies or fairy tales. It mostly end up in blazing flames.

I myself did make a similar mistake. I remembered during my adolescent years, I did fall for the wrong girl and that cost me my best friend who is like a brother to me. (we are still strangers) That lesson was a painful one and since then, I’ve never fought with anyone else over a girl. It’s never worth it. Let me paint you a few scenarios.

The Ego
Ben is an average looking guy who has never dated and decided to try his luck with Ellie. Unfortunately Sam likes Ellie and decides to go for her too at the same time. Ben & Sam tried their best to woo Ellie but Sam decided to let go in the end. Sam gave his blessings and Ellie accepted Ben. Things were good for awhile till Ben started showing his ego. Since he won Ellie over Sam, he felt like he could just get any girl. So Ben ditched Ellie and tried to pursue other girls. Sam is now dating someone else and Ellie is heartbroken.

The Superstar
Ellie is a sweet & kind average looking girl. She was never popular because her best friends are more attractive than her. She seldom gets noticed and she couldn’t care less. Suddenly it all changed when she noticed that 2 of her peers are trying to date her. It was a feeling she has never experience and it felt good, real good. The exciting discovery changed Ellie from the sweet & kind girl into a girl who plays hard to get. Her friends now call her a bitch.

You’ve Changed
Ellie is an elegant woman who is a successful manager who works in a MNC. She wasn’t rushing into any commitment especially when 2 guys named Ben & Sam constantly showers her with gifts, flowers and love.  A year has passed and she figure out who she wants to spend her rest of her life with. After a phone call, Ben is the happiest man alive. Ben was so ecstatic he made sure everyone knows who he was dating, especially after that 1 year long chase. But 6 months later, Ellie broke up with Ben. She said Ben has changed. The gifts, flowers and love was less.

The Trophy
Ben & Sam decided to go after a gorgeous young girl name Ellie whom they both met in a club 6 months ago. Ben & Sam tried their best tricks up their sleeves to win Ellie’s heart. 2 months later, Sam sealed the deal, he would proudly bring Ellie around and wave her around like a trophy. Ben moved on. 4 months later, Sam got bored and decided to go for the cute girl he just met at Starbucks coffee. Sam managed to date the cute girl from Starbucks Coffee but 6 months later, he went after the new neighbor.

Character names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I hope these few scenarios made a point and anyone could get hurt in this game. Be the gentleman and back off for the losers now will later win. Trust me, cause I won.


10 naked girls, which would you go for? [SFW]

What do I look most for in women? It’s definitely not the physical looks. I admit I greatly admire beauty because of the artist in me but I’ll never use that fundamental in looking for a lover/partner. Because you and I know that you may be the most beautiful girl in the world at this point now but 40 years down the line, you’re gonna look just like any other old granny. Your skin is gonna wrinkle and your boobs will sag cause you can’t fight gravity.

The utmost priority for me in looking for a girl is communication. I regard communication highly because that’s the highest level to turn someone on. Think about it, just by talking you’ll get turned on. I’m sure some of you have met people who is so intellectually stimulating you just can’t wait to taste them.

You can line them 10 naked girls in front of me. All equally gorgeous and godly shaped. But who will I choose? Who will you choose? I would choose the one who can communicate with me and turn me on. Have you not met gorgeous people who totally turns you off the moment they try to speak with you?

You want someone who can connect with you, understands you, stimulate your brain and turns you on mentally for the rest of your life. Anything else is futile.

“Nothing is sexier than sheer brilliance a woman can portrait.”


Perks of being pretty while driving.

If you remembered, back in May I posted a video about a girl in UK who proved that pretty girls have it easy. Here’s a true story about my friend’s encounter.

So my friend was driving in the afternoon. She made a mistake at the traffic lights and caused another car to emergency brake into a slight spun. Cars are fine and both are unhurt. She was a little frightened because she knew it was her fault. More fear induced when my friend saw the spun car’s door sprung opened and this man furiously jumped out with testosterone so pumped ready for a fight.

He dash towards my friend’s car. When he reached my friend’s driver door, he still couldn’t see who the driver was until my friend wind down her window due to heavy tinting. In a split second, like a raging bull turned into a timid mice he said –

(Are you alright miss?)

“It’s amazing what a pretty face with boobs can do.”


You don’t have to be pretty, just need to be sexy.

I guess the video totally sums up my title. Caroline in the video isn’t a class A model. Heck she isn’t all that sexy at all! She’s just dolled up and yet she’s having it easy.

Think about it, how about those really hot ones? I guess those really could get away from the worst crimes even!


update: Do check out my new post on a true story to support this theory – Perks of being pretty while driving.

2 simple ingredients for a long lasting relationship

Humans is on a constant change. It can be drastic or mild but we will not stop changing.

The person you fell in love with years, months, weeks ago might not be the person you fell in love with in the first place. It’s not their fault, it’s not your fault. It’s only human nature. We don’t stop growing, therefore our brain never stops learning. Each of us perceived the World as we want it to at different stages of our lives.

So, how on this God’s green Earth are we able to stay in sync with our loved ones? Communication. Any couple who fails to do so will end up in flames. I might only eat red apples today but you cannot assume that I’ll not switch to green apples after one fine day. It’s important to update your lover what new discoveries you have in life that you wish to pursue. Always work hard to be on the same page.

It doesn’t stop at communication though. Listening plays a role in this picture. Telling your lover what you want will not go well if you don’t bother listening to what your lover wants. A relationship will quickly wither down to complains, complains and complains only. Giving time for your lover to express their feelings might not be a simple matter. You might be willingly and immediately pouring out how your heart feels from time to time but your other half might be reluctant to share or change. So take time to listen to their inner struggles.

On a different note. It’s the royal wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton now. I wish them for a happily ever after marriage. You and I are all invited. Head on to the royal channel!


What is on every guy’s mind?

I’m gonna tell the brutal truth about men.

We are horny all the time. 24/7.

The only thing that differentiates us men from one another is the level of hornyness we show to you girls. No matter how innocent a guy is, they are horny. It’s just that they tend not to show or express it. Hence, we have a perception that he’s innocent.

Any straight guy with a right mind would seriously wanna get it on with you. So ladies, please, don’t feel uncomfortable or surprised if that’s all you find us thinking about. It’s only natural, learn to tame it.

“Men really do just wanna get in your pants.”

Who is trying to have a better sex life?

I was walking in the malls today and I passed by a bookstore. It’s one of my favourite spots to hang out. You can learn so much just about anything. And of course not to mention the fair or gentle ones you meet up in the bookstore. A top choice to look for your soul mate. (TIP 1 : Start from your favourite category of books)

Anyway, what I want to share today is about the topic. “Who is trying?” What I meant here is : who is trying to turn who on? It can also be put as : who is trying to satisfy who?

If you’re still uncertain, I want to be specific that the topic is base on sex. Interesting topic, ain’t it? I browse through a lot of category of mags. And through all the car mags, tech mags, men and women mags. I can’t help but notice how they emphasize all the sex topics on the front magazine cover of men and women mags. This leads me to wonder, are men and women facing the same problem? And the topics they are trying to solve are always encouraging a better sex life. Are human so incapable of enjoying something that enjoyable?

If most of the time men magazines are trying to satisfy women in every possible way. That means guys are bad in bed. But that isn’t true. Women magazines stated clearer on how to turn them on and give them a good time. With all these tipping off who is good? Or should I say who is bad?

I gave it a clearer thought and my conclusion is. We are simply sleeping with the wrong people! It’s so hard to satisfy each other because this sex thing is so personal. And to get that perfect connection is just simply hard. Fixing this problem requires both parties to be truthful and open to each other. They must be able to request or give in to the needs of each other. Compromising is the key.

“Satisfaction requires compromising”