You’re in love?

Have you ever came across a person, opposite sex that is. A person who failed to make a big impact on the first sight, nor did he or she attracted you in anyway you could possibly think of. But… time showed the true colours. The true colours of the person. Suddenly the person started to glow with a special aura. A simple and innocent attractiveness that you thought wasn’t there before.

I’m not talking about that sudden stylish cool hunky look neither is that sudden sexy long red dress with a low slit where you can almost see her nipples. I’m talking about a person who has got a personality that shines. It shines so bright that it simply catches you easily and captivates you. Gradually, you’re awe by the sight of the person without you even knowing it. Your heart beats so fast that it starts to melt. Your brain is like a railway with millions of trains passing by. In short, you’re in love?

Seriously, I have no say to this. I’m confused myself too. But not giving a perception of my point of view, then there’s no point for this entry. Before I could really say something about it. You have to be clear of what love is.

What is love? For me… love… I consider it a highly dangerous substance. It makes people do stupid things and creates disaster in our hearts. Although most of the time it is wonderful and love may appear to save the world every now and then. As bad as it seems, we human still want to search for it. And I know of some people that could never live without love. Is it addictive? Is it that amazing? When does it hit and when does it bounce off? It comes like a tsunami, so high you’re drowned by it and leaves like a hurricane, so fast you never know what hit you.

I believe as far as personal traits might go. Love is always forgiving. Love is always caring. Love is always accepting. Love is always missing. Love is always giving. Love is always first.

If you think there’s a person in your life that is worth that much values. You’re in love.

“Love is part of growing up.”


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