Why are we so uptight?

One thing that bothers me a lot. M’sians are quite uptight! Why do I say that? In everything we do we cannot afford to “lose face” and also we cannot take jokes as jokes. We are just too sensitive over everything. Seriously, I think this is the number one factor why we aren’t progressing or moving forward.

Zoolander the movie. If you have not get a chance to watch it, that’s because it’s ban in Malaysia. For those of you who had watched it, you’ll understand why they ban it in Malaysia. They actually took an old Chinese man to act as the president of Malaysia! To me, I think it’s a great sense of humor. Dr. Mahathir should even laugh at it! I don’t see it as a negative impact.

Let’s take a look at the positive side of it. It’s gonna boost our popularity and further mark our country on the map. They have put different ethnicity as the president of USA and the tragedy, war, natural causes that has wiped out the White House numerous times. That’s how rest of the World learn about USA.
They don’t take humor and insults personally. We have to learn to see things from different perspectives… the positive side of everything!

For the internet junkies… I’m sure you’ve heard about the Singaporean girl who suicide just because of leaked sex videos that was contained in the phone when she lost it. She chose to end her life because of how negative the community perceived her. Sex is a natural human behavior. Paris Hilton embraces her sex videos online. Heck she was the one who wanted it to happen! Look how much money she is churning now… how much popularity she has gotten herself into. We need to lay back and start looking at things the positive way.

Everyone feels embarrassment but it’s how we take it and overcome it to turn ourselves better and stronger.

“There is always a brighter side we can choose to stand upon.”

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