Whoopsie… ex-files.

I’ve never gotten like super close with any of my ex. And damn well no intimacy after that. No intentions whatsoever. You see… the reason they are known as ex is because you draw a big X over their name. Indicating it’s broken, unusable. So look forward, don’t turn back and bite that sour fruit again. It’s so yesterday!

But then sometimes some people tend to do it anyway. So here are some situations and ways I think you should deal with it.

  • The coincidence. Oh yeah. It’s a beautiful day. With the striking sun out of sight and breezy breeze brushing your face. Nothing else could go wrong… something caught your eye. Your ex-girl/boyfriend is walking towards you with a new soul mate. Now, be nice! Act like you’re pleased to meet the other half even though it hurts. You would look bad if you showed any sign that you’re still upset over the whole thing. Don’t talk for too long and make sure you say how nice it is to meet up with them both and then excuse yourself. Focus, focus… eye on a better half for yourself and let them turn green.
  • The bed scene. Yes, it was an accident… hit me baby one more time! You did tell yourself over and over again not to cross that line but some how it happened. Trust me… either one of you would be thinking that it’s just a casual sex session. So what I say is. Keep yourself occupied with something else. This is a bad habit to keep up with.
  • The sound of wedding bells. You picked up your phone nonchalantly thinking that someone nice is calling you. It’s your ex-girl/boyfriend’s number. You answered it hoping that it should be no big of a deal. To your surprise,your ex is getting married. Guess what, you’re on the invitation list. Hmm… if the event brings bitterness to you then I guess you should skip the wedding and go out with your friends to forget about the whole event. Only show up if you’re totally over it and you’re there to bless your ex.
  • I want you back. Oooo… sounds like a bliss? Think again. Stand firm on your ground. Re-check┬áhis/her quality. Has he/she become a better self? Why it didn’t work out before and would it work this time? Don’t accept just because you’re lonely, you needed a date or hearing I love you from him/her. Getting a second chance is something for him/her to work for. So work his/her ass off to get you back.


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