Who is trying to have a better sex life?

I was walking in the malls today and I passed by a bookstore. It’s one of my favourite spots to hang out. You can learn so much just about anything. And of course not to mention the fair or gentle ones you meet up in the bookstore. A top choice to look for your soul mate. (TIP 1 : Start from your favourite category of books)

Anyway, what I want to share today is about the topic. “Who is trying?” What I meant here is : who is trying to turn who on? It can also be put as : who is trying to satisfy who?

If you’re still uncertain, I want to be specific that the topic is base on sex. Interesting topic, ain’t it? I browse through a lot of category of mags. And through all the car mags, tech mags, men and women mags. I can’t help but notice how they emphasize all the sex topics on the front magazine cover of men and women mags. This leads me to wonder, are men and women facing the same problem? And the topics they are trying to solve are always encouraging a better sex life. Are human so incapable of enjoying something that enjoyable?

If most of the time men magazines are trying to satisfy women in every possible way. That means guys are bad in bed. But that isn’t true. Women magazines stated clearer on how to turn them on and give them a good time. With all these tipping off who is good? Or should I say who is bad?

I gave it a clearer thought and my conclusion is. We are simply sleeping with the wrong people! It’s so hard to satisfy each other because this sex thing is so personal. And to get that perfect connection is just simply hard. Fixing this problem requires both parties to be truthful and open to each other. They must be able to request or give in to the needs of each other. Compromising is the key.

“Satisfaction requires compromising”

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