What we should know in high school

Teachers should have just give us the big picture instead of squirming around the pool trying to teach us how to swim. Isn’t it easier to tell us why we need to swim instead of forcing us to swim.

Why do I say that?

Simple – parents, teachers all expect us to have good results but they’ve never throw us the big picture how important this is. Most Malaysian parents and teachers would only tell you repeatedly that you need to get A1s so you can become a doctor or engineer. During high school, all we ever care about is to have a computer, play the latest games, party and try to get into girl’s pants.

Now, those of you who are still in high school, there’s something I would like you to know.

1. If you plan to continue your studies locally or overseas and you know that your parents cannot afford it, study hard for a scholarship.

2. On the other hand, if so happen that you’re born rich. It really doesn’t matter what grades you get.

If both the statements above doesn’t apply to you. Go get a job and start working hard. With perseverance you’ll be able to reach for the stars too!

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