Watch it! Jeux d’enfants (Love Me If You Dare) 2003

You’re Missing Out
Till today, Love Me If You Dare 2003 is still my favorite film of all time.

It’s your great loss if you do not watch foreign films because these films are the ones unlike the norm of Hollywood crap. I think Bollywood these days do a much better job than Hollywood even. Of course I’ll leave that for another article.

The Film
This French film directed by Yann Samuell is simply brilliant. The film infuses fairy tale cues with realism that didn’t seem exaggerated.┬áThe chemistry between Julien (Guillaume Canet) and Sophie (Marion Cotillard) is perfect with extreme complexity of feelings. Although do note that “Jeux d’enfants” is translated closer to “Games of Children” instead of “Love Me If You Dare”. A great gimmick!

Trust me, as the movie begins. You’ll fall in love with the mood and color of the movie. The dream like effect will glide you through the entire movie and soon enough you’ll realize that life is short and we all should make the best out of it, everyday.

The Story
Love Me If You Dare 2003 is a story about 2 children who started an odd game of outdoing each other with limitless dares and stunts, but as they grow into adulthood their stunts become more dangerous and life threatening. Soon enough they realize that their continuation of the game had been a desperate attempt to hide the fact that they were meant for each other.

Watch this movie with childlike innocence and let your heart filled with fantasy and suspend your reality for a moment. Let the movie make you smile, laugh and cry. Celebrate life.

Cap ou pas cap?

Favorite Scene
The fake rob and the bunch of things Julien said while driving off.

The best English trailer I could find.

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