Unforgettable Day

Life is just so wonderful. I’ve never really thought that fate could work things out so well between two souls wandering on God’s green earth.

There I was last Friday. Friday night to be exact. I was watching a movie and somehow this girl kept popping in my mind for no reason. So I texted her before I fell asleep. I told her that I would like to see her the following day before I fly off in a few days time. By the time I woke up, she hasn’t reply yet. So I called. She was sick so I thought there isn’t much chance for me to see her till I get back.

It was a pretty slow day till evening where I had a swim at a nearby condo. It’s awesome because a bunch of us went. We did lots of stunts and I thought friends how to swim and we managed to chill out in the jacuzzi.

At 8, we decided to have a big feast. We had crabs, fish, pork, chicken and a couple of vegetable dish. After stuffing ourselves, there isn’t much plans on hand and it’s either we hit the clubs or watch ‘The Fast and The Furious : Tokyo Drift’. After the long debate and much delay from the ladies who are taking their own sweet time freshening up. We are left with only clubbing as a choice.

We decided to go to Soda Club at the very last minute. We managed to set foot in front of Soda Club around 1.30am. To tell the truth.. it’s pretty pissing off that the night is not so young anymore. I’m never gonna get a good groove. Out of the blues, somehow we all diverted our attention to breakers and we all ended up having ourselves a drinking session inside.

To make things worst, the coin counter is closed! What the hell? Is the night getting any better? We negotiated quite a bit and they open two tables for us. It didn’t really make my day but it’s better than nothing anyway. Breakers has got curfew so we head back to Soda Club’s entrance to take a few glance. Ahh! This time we’re really going in. I couldn’t be bother much.. I just want to find a place to dance away my anger. LOL. The music ain’t really good. I drank a bit and just try to calm myself down while dancing. The gals did quite an impressive job on the stage. I think to myself, at least there’s something going on. Oh yeah. The girl I mentioned about earlier. Here is where it gets magical. She was still up in my head the whole time. I looked around hoping to see some good actions going on and to my surprise I saw a girl who looks just like her. I texted her immediately and there wasn’t any reaction so I thought to myself it couldn’t possibly be her. She stays on the other end of the town.

Anyway, I continued grooving with my bunch of gals. But with thoughts of her up in my head I just couldn’t resist not finding out if she’s the one. I take my chances, stormed across the room and take a good look at her for myself. Fate was gracious. I grabbed her hand and snatched her right outta the club. We stood outside, both looking shocked and speechless at each others presence. Chatted quite a bit till we got back our senses. To our surprise, we’re standing at the side of the projector screen screening live football match of Mexico vs Angola. No wonder there wasn’t anyone standing there. Feeling embarrassed we quickly went back inside.

I practically kidnapped her the whole time till she left for home. I thank God and her for making my day!

“Never before, has someone moved my heart so much.”

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