Maybe some are just not cut to be in a relationship? [Video]

This video makes me wonder. Could this be the ultimate reason to 40 year old virgins? Of course I don’t expect all the woman to be starting to kill off everyone but the video does make a bit of sense. Minus the killing part is ultimately the kind of woman who just can’t stand anything. To set in their own world and ways to even want to accept anything else.

I guess some people are just not cut to be in a relationship at all.

Top 10 Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Employees [Video]

So this week I was able to be the actor for our weekly Leaderonomics Top 10 that is made just in time for Christmas, check out my top 10 gifts!

Sometimes we forget to give a simple “thank you” for a job well done or just to express our appreciation. Showing gratitude is not limited to just saying thanks – there are other ways to show it too. Sit back and enjoy the show as we feature the Top 10 Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Employees this holiday season!

Lata Hammer Waterfalls – Just Jump! [Video]

Girls frozen in time

I love waterfalls. This time we traveled quite far up all the way to Bentong, Pahang. Lata Hammer is best accessible using 4×4 cars due to the rough terrain that may damage the undercarriage of your normal sedan or saloon car.

The hike is a simple but not direct walk in the park. Our group got split up and the ones ahead miss the sign and went all the way to the end of the road where they only see a river.

Upon arriving the waterfall. We actually caught up with some friends who were they earlier than us. Aren’t there anymore waterfalls in Malaysia that we actually met our friend at the very same waterfall on a Sunday? As you can see from the picture, there are plenty of room for you to setup your picnic area or tent for overnight stay. There was this other family who has set up a tent on the higher ground and stayed the night before.

The magical thing about Lata Hammer Waterfalls are the butterflies. There are a species seen fluttering around and even the Rajah Brooke butterfly. I couldn’t take a picture of it but the video below shows.

Like all waterfalls, the water is cold. Lata Hammer has water so cold that I could feel my legs tingling whenever I swim. The current is very strong near the waterfall so please becareful not to get sucked by the vortex. We spend most of our time trying to balance on a piece of super long log we found and jumping into the water from higher grounds. The waterfall is so deep that even by holding your breath and trying to reach the bottom is nearly impossible. So it’s pretty safe if you know how to jump off cliffs and not fall right at the foot of the hill.

Lastly, just jump!

I swam in Halong Bay, Vietnam. [Video]

Halong Bay is located in Vietnam. Halong Bay is made up of about 2000 small islands scattered around as seen from the picture above. Before we get on to the video where I swam in Halong Bay, let me show you around first.

The pier where we get on a small boat to our Junk Ship.

This is the ship where me and my friends stayed for 1 night.

You’ll see islands and islands for the entire journey at Halong Bay.

Chilling on the Junk Ship drinking Vietnamese coffee  is second to none.

We visited the floating villages. There are several floating village where villagers spend their life from cradle to grave here.

There is a beautiful cave for you to visit too.

Now to the video where I swam in Halong Bay

I’ve always wondered what does it feel to jump off from a high ground into the sea just like in the movies. After experiencing it, I want to tell you that it’s just amazing. Yes,¬† I did feel the fear for a split second when I jumped off the ledge. Your guts are being pushed upwards towards your throat and you feel like your heart is gonna leave you. But as soon as you stabilizes the thrills kick in. I jumped several times after and the fear remained but the thrill adds on.

“Visit Halong Bay if you’re in Vietnam, else you’ve not been to Vietnam.”