Turn left – Happiness!

It hurts me to know that my friends are lack of choices.

More often I see them as special relics in my heart. So many endless wonders to be explore and unleash. But sometimes the environment has limited their abilities and space to shine.

I’m referring to lots of aspects. Be it work, talents or love.

I’ll take a story of love for this example.
Pretty girl A is pretty. (Doh!)
Jerk dude A and Dumb dude B is going for Pretty girl A.
Hunk dude C is out of the picture.
Pretty girl A chose Dumb dude B.
Pretty girl A didn’t know that she has got choice to say no to both and hope for Hunk dude C.
Pretty girl A suffers.

Sad stories repeats itself on different counterparts.

“You chose your happiness to be a myth.”

One thought on “Turn left – Happiness!”

  1. Good story ! i hope all young gals reads this ! There are more out there! do not subject yourself to ONE DONKEY ! if u are going to be with a donkey anyway…better make sure the DONKEY IS HOT !

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