Translated Anger

Calm I have really tried but failed,
thus the creation of this poem.
Read on if only you’re prepared,
translated anger can be nasty.

Fuck, I just had to say it out,
you have brought shit into my life.
Are you stupid or retarded,
to have ignored all my clear shown angers.

Fuck, how much more blunt can you be,
killing me hardly with your actions.
Didn’t I made a confession,
but your bloody brain is a piece of shit.

Fuck, my luck to have a friend like you,
full of bullshit and alibis.
Learn how to be fucking truthful,
you suck beyond words can explain.

Fuck, I had enough of this game,
I will not be toy by you asshole.
Stop trying to be a fucking saint,
I mean it, stop hurting me bitch.


One thought on “Translated Anger”

  1. Calm down buble.. Life aint fun without "anger"…At least a lame reason for you to fuck so many times .. LOLstay good :)

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