Touching lives through DIODE YLC


DIODE is the best camp ever! The only camp which changed my life for the better. Each activity is specifically designed for a purpose. No matter what activity it is, indoor or outdoor, it benefits all campers. An extraordinary camp which pushes you beyond your limits, and at the same time allows you to have fun. You know what? This six-day camp can actually change lives.

As a dyslexic, I was never a confident person, often hiding behind my mum’s skirt. After building up my confidence at the camp, I emerged as  a champion at a public speaking competition, and went as far as judging for the national public speaking competition thereafter.

DIODE Camp is life changing! It will leave you with no regrets.

– Yeoh Shu Wen, Cassandra 18

For more info, contact Alvin 012 954 4222

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