Top 10 of This & That!

I’ve been reading a lot on top 10s of everything! And you’ll be surprised on how top these categories are in our life. Ridiculous!

How does a body with 4 wheels appeal to you? I was checking out top 10 most expensive cars of 2005. They all cost well over $324’500. When can an average person actually afford to get his hands on one?
(tip : marry someone with royal blood)

Who adores rocks more than girls do? Here are a few factors on how to determine how much a rock is worth.
1. Cut is the most important, but it doesn’t refer to the shape of the diamond but its brilliance and proportions.
2. A stone with more clarity will have fewer flaws.
3. Ideal diamonds–except for colored diamonds–should be colorless.
4. The bigger a diamond, the more carats it contains.
And this brings us to a conclusion of Harry Winston ‘Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings’ pricing a whopping $8.5 million. It has got 60.1 carats!
(tip : rob a bank with a supermarket trolly)

For those art lovers. Can you believe that Picasso’s painting actually broke the $100 million threshold in 2004 at $104 million? And last year’s most expensive artwork is ‘Venice, the Grand Canal, Looking Northeast from Palazzo Balbi to the Rialto Bridge’, it cost $32.6 million.
(tip : rob a bank with three supermarket trollies)

How much does time matters to you? Most of us thought they still have got plenty of time. Think again! Look back at last christmas. Bet it felt like it was just yesterday. Everything just gone by in a blink of an eye. Keep an eye on your time and see if you can afford to tell time the expensive way. Tour de l’Ile from Vacheron Constantin pricing at $1.5 million! 834 separate parts and 16 complications.
(tip : sell an arm – you only need 1 watch anyway)

Fancy fashion? Top most expensive off the rack men’s suits starts at $2’800 the least and Brioni’s price start at $6000. No matter where the price starts at. When is it our turn?
(tip : stop giving to your loved ones)

If you were rich where would you choose to live and how do you want your mansion to be? William Henry Gates III has got his in Medina, Wash. The house is said to be worth $140 million.
(tip : drop dead and wish that your rebirth entitles you William Henry Gates X)

Like flying? I’ve been flying a lot since mid of last year. Averaging at least twice in a month. So having to fly that much I went to check out top 10 best first class. Cathay Pacific came in first place followed by Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways and surprisingly Malaysian Airlines did come in 4th place. One of the pricing I got is from Cathay Pacific. A first class flight from New York to Hong Kong would set you $15’000 back.
(tip : climb that corporate ladder till you reach Fortune top 500)

Take note that here are just a few top 10s of the world. Like it or not, all these top 10s will continue to hike higher and higher year after year. Exactly when are we ever gonna get close to them?

“If you ain’t upgrading, you’re degrading.”

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