Today, money can buy anything. Even quality love! [Poll]

“Money can’t buy love.”

Often times you still hear some people stand by that phrase. But let me tell you that it is a thing of the past. It did apply very evidently in the era where ladies are treated with respect by gentlemen. But sadly not today.

In the world today, money has become a very real and tangible part of human life. Without money, you can not enjoy the wonders of the earth has to offer. It is something that I strongly disagree but it has repeatedly gave me examples that I could not deny the power of money.

Love and money has long been associated side by side in many different manners. Today, they come together in one package. The more money you have the more love you get. It is just impossible to have love in this century without money. Financial stability is the number one factor a lady would consider before choosing a life partner. So men, if your financial is not stable. Most probably your love life is zilch or only superficial. Money problems are the number one cause of divorce today.

Yes, most would argue that money will only attract the ones who are after your money. True, but what if that lover is sincere and just happened to be rich? Isn’t that not only love but quality love? No lady would want to commit towards someone who couldn’t afford the next meal. And I’m not talking about the next vacation or shopping spree. It’s basic necessities of life.

Sure a kind lady would always say: “It’s fine if he cannot afford a luxurious date. I will be content with his love and what he has got to offer.”

But the same kind lady would also feel blessed and favor a man who could provide a sincere love with luxury. No one complains if their men could afford a bigger diamond even when she knows it is not a necessity.

So place your votes on the poll and leave a comment if you feel otherwise.

“Money cannot buy love and love cannot buy money, but money increases the chances of love and love decreases the need for money.”


2 thoughts on “Today, money can buy anything. Even quality love! [Poll]”

  1. I think the quote on the last paragraph pretty much sums it up for me =) And when it comes to the relationship between love and money, I wouldn’t use the word ‘buy’. But I’d probably use ‘facilitate’. And I probably wouldn’t use the word ‘love’ to begin with, but rather ‘romance’ or ‘relationship’. I still don’t think that my ‘love’ is something that can be ‘bought’ necessarily. It’s still earned through acts of care, respect, mutual understanding, wholehearted acceptance of who I am, and probably touch. Things that are more immaterial basically. Though I would say that his and my financial availabilities definitely do contribute to the smooth ‘operating’ of our relationship.

    So I guess in short, based on my personal definition of the word ‘Love’, my not-so straight forward response is that I wouldn’t say that ‘money can buy love’, but I’d agree that money certainly does facilitate romance.

    Thanks for the share James! =)

  2. I somewhat agree with Tya(hey gorgeous!.. miss you loads). BUT… my take is.. Money cannot buy love… Dating requires money.. Being married requires money… Having children requires money.. not love.. One can love wholeheartedly, unconditionally and not require anything else from the person, except dedication to make the courtship, marriage, child-bearing work WITH the assistance of money… I was in love with a guy who took me on lush dinners, drove a comfy car while i was in uni, etc etc… but all i wanted from him was his time… i also dated a guy (infatuated, not really loved) who had all the time to spend with me.. but because we couldnt really afford to go out so much, became a bit of a frustration (we didnt break up because of this)…

    hmmmm.. my take la…

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