The ‘wow’ Factor

To some of my friends who knows I’ve been playing a game called World of Warcraft by Blizzard, this ‘wow’ factor isn’t related to the awesome game.

This ‘wow’ factor I would like to talk about today is related to human. Nope… not about chick’s ‘wow’ factor. This ‘wow’ factor is something really grand that I think everyone in this world should take a moment to embrace it.

Humans are animals that naturally coexist with one another. We tend to share more than just objects in life. We also share feelings, emotion, events and many more. When was the last time you’ve got great news and decided to buy your friends beer, or how about that time when you cried over your friends shoulder over something dreadful? These are the ‘wow’ factors that I want to talk about.

I’m sure everyone would feel honoured when your friends call you out for a dinner celebration over something that is joyous to him/her. Isn’t it just wow to have been invited and be part of the party? Yeah you might be busy with your own stuff but hardly anyone ever turns down a joyous event. You’ll just nonchalantly cancel whatever was on the schedule and say “What the heck, I need a break.” Cheers!!!

But… what if your friend called you up when they are at their worst point of their life? They don’t sound happy, maybe you even heard a whisper of their cry. What would you do? Whoa… I’ve been enough shit for the day and I ain’t gonna keep up with more shit now? Wrong! When your friend actually seek you up for help at their lowest point you should be even happier and have that exact same WOW factor except only in capitals! Why the WOW you may ask? Your friend being at the worst state is not afraid to show themselves in their true colours. And seeking you is just amazing to know that you mean more than just a simple friend to them. Share a tear or two with them… put them back on their feet. Treasure them as much as they treasure you to tell you their sour moments. You’ll be surprised how much your little time can affect a big portion of their life.

Humans are superficial beings. Be true starting from today and treasure everyone who is still around us.

“Seek for happiness infinitely.”

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