The things my girl friends left in my car.

I have a wonderful backseat where I could find countless things girls left in my car.

Lipstick, eye liner, mascara, scarf, phone, slippers, high heels and the oddest of them all would be a corset.

So why the hell is there a corset to begin with? Now don’t get the wrong idea that I’ve had many kinky things happening in my backseat. I was as puzzled as you are when I first hold it in my hand. There was a million thoughts going through my mind and I just couldn’t link it to anything I’ve done or not done to end up with a corset in my backseat.

I stood there ponder for a bit and remembered one of my African girl friend who looked absolutely stunning in a corset. I bet it was hers. She must’ve took off her corset secretly without me knowing cause it would be so hazardous for me to drive and knowing someone is taking off her corset behind me. She doze off after hence she forgotten all about it when she left the car until I found it.

Oh what did I miss, I should be more sensitive and check out my rear view mirror more often!


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