The Star misquoted Roshan Thiran

Newspaper in Malaysia are interesting businesses.

We’ve seen bad photoshopped pictures reporting a total different story –

Today we have Roshan Thiran being misquoted –

According to Roshan Thiran, CEO of Leaderonomics, a leadership development social enterprise, leadership styles are driven by personalities.
“And as far as public perception goes, Lim is seen as a Gen X leader whom people can relate to easily.
“He has established an image as a leader who is approachable. It’s a positive trait but on the downside, he may take a while to respond to issues. (full article here

Roshan Thiran has clarified on his Facebook page that he is a big fan of Lim Guan Eng and view him as one of the few (if only) true leaders in the political space. He has a high regard for him and regards him as a servant leader who serves the public with dedication, and is a man of action. And if you ask any Gen X-er today who they regard as a great leader, Guan Eng usually wins tops down. All the best to Guan Eng and let it be known that you have a major supporter in Roshan Thiran and his team. (Roshan’s Facebook page


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