The million dollar question parents ask.

There, just about a few minutes ago. I was talking about my cousins relationship and marriage stuff with dad. Before finishing the topic he asked if I had a girlfriend. I shook my head. He then told me that I should get one for myself. I said ‘worried that I couldn’t get one?’. He explained that it’s not because of marriage sake. But I should start building one now because I’m not young anymore. He added that he and mum ‘pak tow’ for 8 years before getting married.

In my mind… is it really necessary for the ‘break-in’ period? Does ‘break-in’ happen before courtship even begins? Must everyone spend at least 5 years just to figure out the compatibility? How about knowing a person so well, you then decided to have each other for the rest of the life? Does that mean that I should start getting into relationship and see if the ‘pak tow’ period does work out? Can’t just two souls get together because they knew that they were meant for each other instead of trying out different puzzle pieces?

“To be on a quest is nothing more or less than to become a questioner.”

One thought on “The million dollar question parents ask.”

  1. I never believe indating for a long time to get to know ppl well! Dragging a long "pak toh" period makes matter worse cos it kinda gets boring after a while.
    I always believe tat if you person have similar believes, hopes and dreams, the chances of them ending up together are better! Similar values are imporatant after all the romance and love are gone from the relationship… but me for one are still a sucker for romance :)

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