The number that you’ve dialed, is not in service.

Has anyone ever gotten into a situation where you’re trying hard to have an on-going conversation after knowing someone well enough? It leads you to believe that it seems that you know each other so well that you don’t know what other new topics to stir up?

Well, personally I think there’s no such thing like knowing a person too well. How can you justify that you really know them? People constantly change… everyday! The sun can set a million times down that horizon and it will never look the same. If conversations were to stop after being close and knowing them, does this means that our parents would stop communicating with each other after a certain time? Or are they still trying to understand each other every moment they are still talking?

I find that conversation breakdowns are often because one of them lose interest in talking. Fed up with the whole thing and just don’t want to connect anymore. If any side were to constantly come up with ideas, argumentative and interesting topics every day, every hour, every minute… I’m sure there wouldn’t be a problem with communicating. But if one side decides to give up then all hope is lost.

Communication isn’t a simple thing. It requires lots of experience and knowledge.

“Learn to talk.”

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