Thanks to Eve, we now have fashion!

My artistic side has brought me to love fashion. I was day dreaming away about the origins of fashion and this story came into my mind.

The Fashion Story
Long ago, God created Adam. From Adam’s rib God created him a companion name Eve.

In this garden of Eden, there’s a tree which bears the forbidden fruit. Now God has specifically warned Adam & Eve about not eating the fruit from this special tree.

But there was a cunning serpent who deceived Eve and made her take one of the forbidden fruit. Eve was a nice lady, of course she did not forget to give Adam one too! After eating the forbidden fruit they realized that they were naked. Feeling ashamed when they heard God was near they decided to cover up their body with fig leaves. Later God clothed them with animal skins.

The Result
Fashion wouldn’t exist if Eve was not deceived. Major fashion labels should be mindful of Eve’s wrong doing for today we have fashion! Else we all still be naked… oh wait… or we don’t need fashion at all in the first place.

“I pity the first animals that are slaughtered for Adam & Eve’s cloth.”


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