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Lambir Waterfalls Revisited


I find myself returned once more to Lambir Waterfalls.

A place I almost drowned 2 decades ago. It happened right where the girl in the picture was standing. I was young and naughty and did not know how to swim.

My relatives from Sandakan, Sabah brought a friend to visit Miri and my dad decided to bring all of us to the waterfalls. The place was packed as it was a weekend. The adults all went out of the water but I stayed in. The cold water didn’t bother me one bit.

Loving the feeling of going deeper into the water. I tip-toed my way towards the deep end. Slowly and carefully I was caught off-guard by the sudden cliff that appeared. I couldn’t feel anything under my feet. Immediately I was sinking deeper and deeper. As the water rushes into my mouth, I could barely shout or let alone say anything. As I tried to signal for help, my limbs are working as hard as possible to keep myself afloat.

I thank God that my actions actually caught someone’s attention. In the corner of my eye, I saw him rushed towards me and grab me back on shore with ease. Despite the shock, I could recognize that the guy was actually my relative’s friend.

Today, as I was walking back into Lambir. I could remember all the foot steps I’ve taken. Standing there in front of the waterfall with memory imprint where my parents sat, how I almost drowned, how I was saved…

Welcome back to Lambir Waterfalls. You are as beautiful as you are.