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Malaysia’s Taxi Horror Stories #1

My dear friend Miss T from Indonesia was back in KL for her convocation. She and her mum and younger sister arrived 1 day earlier and stayed at one of the hotels at Bukit Bintang. The father arrived one day later and opted to stay in Pudu so the ladies would need to go meet him at the new hotel. This means they need a taxi ride from Bukit Bintang to Pudu.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bukit Bintang of KL. It’s the heart of the golden triangle where everyone gathers to eat, shop, loiter or just about anything in KL. They spent a good 30 minutes trying to get a taxi that uses meter to Pudu but in vain. Taxi drivers who notice that they do have luggage even asked for RM50 just to drive them to Pudu from Bukit Bintang. It’s literally walking distance if you minus the inconvenience of a child and luggage.

Refuse to give in to any of the absurd charges the taxi drivers wanted, her mum decided to walk all the way down the street and get a taxi from there. Finally her mum got a taxi that agrees to use meter. That means stopping in front of the hotel of Bukit Bintang before going to Pudu. The taxi driver was absolutely fine till the moment he realized that he has stopped in front of a hotel and there were luggage. He got so furious and came out of the car mumbling in distress.

Miss T immediately signal that there’s a heavy big luggage that needs to be help to put into the trunk. Taxi driver saw but refused to help and continue mumbling louder. Her mum even tripped down while trying to rush towards her to help carry the luggage. Moments later in the taxi. Miss T expressed how upset she was and why couldn’t he helped. He shouted in Malay and my friend couldn’t make up what it was. He then decided to turn the volume of the radio to the max for the whole entire trip. Lucky for my friend, the trip was short.

Upon hearing this story, it’s a tremendous dismay of how much services in general suck in Malaysia. We have absolutely zero courtesy when it comes to serving others. Even if my friend were to call or write in to complain about this matter to the Taxi Service authorities. You and I know that they will most probably ignore this matter and the taxi drivers will continue their hooligan attitude.

“Education is the core to up bring a better nation. Malaysia needs a change.”