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Lucky to be us, those with water taps.

I used to be guilty for leaving the water tap running while brushing my teeth. I didn’t think of it as wasting water. After all it’s only for a mere few minutes right? No, I stop doing that. I stop because of a story I heard.

A story of a rich couple, who can have everything the way they wanted. The husband is guilty for leaving the water tap running whenever he brushes his teeth. His wife would stand next to him while he brushes his teeth. Every morning and before bed, he brushes his teeth with his usual habit of leaving the water tap running, she would then turn it off. He was furious, but every time he turns it back on, his wife would turn it off. He couldn’t stand it but had no choice but to continue brushing with her wife’s hand on the water tap. Surprisingly, after a month of training, he automatically turns off the water tap whenever he starts brushing his teeth.

So please, for everyone who is still guilty of this behavior. Please stop!

“Replace your bad habits with good habits.”