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Hacking Malaysia’s Personal Income Tax

Everyone must be scrambling to file their taxes in Malaysia for 2012 before the deadline of April 30th. But before you rush to it, here are a few hacks for your Malaysia tax.

1. Apple iPad is entitled to LHDN personal income tax relief but not Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Any tablet that includes a cellular phone feature that allows you to make a telephone call or text using telco services is consider a phone and not a tablet therefore you cannot claim. Please take note that my tablet suggestions are not limited to Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

2. Any broadband subscription including telco broadband service is claimable up to RM500 per year.
Broadband meaning your Streamyx, Unifi, Celcom, Digi, Maxis and also all smartphone broadband plans. This does not include your dial up 1515 or 1511.

3. E-books are consider books too.
Maximum claims of RM500 per year.

4. RM300 for short lifespan sports equipment.
This INCLUDES shuttle cocks, tennis balls, ping pong balls but EXCLUDE sport shoes, bicycle, swim wear and bla bla bla. (WTF RIGHT?)

5. Keep your receipts for 7 years.
Some receipts do fade away after a certain amount of time. My suggest would be take a picture of them and store them online – google drive, skydrive, dropbox, etc

Further inquires, please call to LHDN at 1300-88-3010 or email to callcentre@hasil.gov.my.

“Two things in life are for sure – Death & Taxes”