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Don’t watch it! Drive 2011

Ratings for this movie is at a stunning 8.1 stars on IMDB and 79% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If you’re all about numbers then you would definitely watch this movie but my title here is telling you otherwise. It’s ridiculously overrated! To be fair, I did feel a little emotional attachment with the great cinematography that draws you closer to the movie. I felt the movie was fantastic for a moment. But after a day of thought, the movie is a disappointment. I want my 2 hours back!

Trailer Vibe
The trailer give this movie off as the type of movie where you would expect lots of cool pumped-up action driving scenes with Ryan Gosling. Carey Mulligan seems to have a romantic connection with Ryan Gosling and multiple sideline stories seem interesting enough to explore the movie. Overall, the perception of the movie is a fast-paced action type of show.

Action movie goer perspective
You will be immediately thrown off by the fuchsia pink of the opening credits. You thought some cool jagged-edged title is gonna flash across the screen and disappear as soon as the car chasing scene starts. It did still managed to build up the tense moments during the first chapter but you will be completely turned off as the remaining ultra slow scenes unfold for the next few chapters. You’ll be dreaded to wonder where did all those action scenes went to from the trailer you saw. The uncalled for violence and uninspiring story leaves you ponder what else is beneath this movie without it. Sure it has style, but there’s no substance.

To summarize, it’s painfully slow, unimaginative film blanketed by loud music and blood capsules.

Artistic movie lover perspective
Ryan Gosling did a good job in portraying the silent cool character speaking only when necessary. Scenes where you could feel the tension and fury in his eyes as well as silence that brought the caring and ridiculously though side. The scenes unfold slowly as the emotion sinks deeper and deeper into your heart. A skill the director has put in this film to grab hold of you and takes you inside this often dark and dreamy LA setting. It has beautiful cinematography but what is it without a great plot?

To summarize, retro action with style but portrait a blank canvas in the end.

It’s good but far from a great movie.

Watch it! Crazy, Stupid, Love. 2011

Remember Eat, Pray Love 2010? I think it was really bad. So my natural perception towards a similar 3 words title like Crazy, Stupid, Love is somewhat bad too. Lucky for this movie, Emma Stone was the reason why I’ve decided to give this movie a chance.

The Story
The Weaver couple Cal & Emily (Steve Carell & Julianne Moore) have got a perfect American dream life until Emily decided to asked for a divorce. Cal’s life sinks to a desperate point where Jacob (Ryan Gosling) comes along to turn his life around into this suave irresistible gentleman. Despite Cal’s makeover and his many new conquests, the one thing that can’t be made over is his heart, which seems to keep leading him back to where he began. This however isn’t the main plot of the movie. It also follows Jacob, Hannah (Emma Stone), David (Kevin Bacon), Robbie (Jonah Bobo) and Jessica’s (Analeigh Tipton) romance. It might sound complicated but I think the directors Glenn Ficarra & John Requa did a great job by showing us how different love is for the singletons & couples.

The Film
Judging from the title & trailer, this movie might seem like a chick flick. I strongly beg to differ after watching this movie. It is a sweet romantic comedy about good-hearted people.

Now you’re gonna think that sweet romantic comedy is predictable throughout all the titles from Hollywood. This is where Crazy, Stupid, Love shines because the plot twist from being crazy and stupid catches you by surprise and gives the movie its needed climax points. The love isn’t painted out to be this magical solution to every scene to make everyone happy.

The characters portrait in this movie are realistic and believable. Every character has got their flawed side and it works! It gives us a glimpse into the raw, human moments that imprints precious memories to bring two people together or tear them apart. Great cast by the directors also helped making scenes that made you laugh, cry, wonder and cover your eyes.

Perfect date movie.

Favorite Scene
The scene of Jacob & Hannah hanging out together when Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – The Time Of My Life music came on.

Official trailer