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Watch it! The Internship 2013


The Internship didn’t strike to me as a movie to be on my ‘must watch’ list. Particularly because Vince Vaughn always appeared to be acting off slap stick humor. Owen Wilson is fine, but this duo definitely can’t pull off that great initial attraction when you watch the trailer. What made me watch it was because I was invited for the premier with a whole big bunch of friends. So I thought it should be fun not because of the movie, but because of the gang.

The Story
It started off with Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) and Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) losing their jobs and trying to find a new footing in their life. But since they are both so dinosaur in many ways, it seems hard to find a new job that requires zero to none computing skills.
Despite the hurdle, Billy managed to convince Nick to join Google’s summer internship program. That is possibly one of the worst suggestion anyone could ever make. Having to fight with thousands of fine young graduates, they actually managed to get into their program. But this doesn’t mean they are hired. It’s only an internship program.
The movie gets fun when they reach Googleplex. They will have to form teams and compete to get the top spot to have a chance to be employed.

The Film
The movie didn’t start off with a bang. It actually went quite slowly for the first 30 minutes. But the build up of the movie was there. It slowly reels you in with all the witty jokes and odd scenes. It gets fun when they finally reach Googleplex. This is where you’ll see some Google cultures, but it does make you wonder if everything that was shown in the movie is actually part of the real internship program. It does have quite a number of odd sayings and doings.
This movie is a feel good movie. It’s the kind of movie where you’ll see a team formed with a bunch of people who are the outcast or last picked. But somehow this team would rise from the ashes and carry the last member across the finishing line and still magically win the whole game despite pitting against the best of the best teams that is almost guaranteed to win.
Great movie overall. Jokes that require a bit of thinking instead of being slap stick. Good build up of story line instead of being predictable. Great performances by the duo that did not disappoint.
Also, this movie has got one of the best ending credits.

Go watch it for a relaxed fun time.

Favorite Scene
Yo-Yo Santos and the hand dryer with Nick Campbell saying a bunch of funny comments.

Official trailer