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Dreaming of Roast Pork

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This must be the yummiest dream I’ve had in a long time.

The setting of the scene starts in a coffee shop. Coffee shop didn’t look familiar nor was it extraordinary. There were 2 other girl friends with me. It’s funny why the 2 girls appeared in my dream because we do know each other but we never hang out together.

We were just conversing happily till something stole our attention. A big piece of reddish brown 8″x8″ roast pork served onto our table. The vivid colors that I’ll never forget.

Of course, without hesitation I took the knife and fork to cut it down to serving size. I could feel the texture so strongly through my fingertips holding the knife and fork. The sound of the crunchy skin cracks at the sight of my knife. The strength I used to tear each piece apart and showing the beautiful layered skin, fat and meat.

With all my senses intact in my dream. One was missing. Smell. I couldn’t smell anything at all. After slicing them down to serving size. We all took a piece and put it in our mouth.

I regret to inform you that the dream has been interrupted by the alarm right at the very moment I want to stick the piece of juicy roast pork into my mouth.

And ever since the dream I’ve been wanting to have my fair share of roast pork. It took me exactly 6 attempts later to finally satisfy my craving. It’s so absurd that in that 6 times I was trying to eat roast pork, it’s either sold out or not ready yet. Pffft!

[picture is taken at Roast & Toast, a place I would totally recommend for you to have your roast pork fix!]