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Before the countdown of 2012.

Some pictures from New Year’s Eve

Being an Aries, the confident part does show a lot in me. I would claim that every new year would be better than the one before but not this time for 2012. I was reluctant to enter 2012. I know I didn’t have a choice but there was this big clock flashing in my head buzzing me about 2012’s arrival and I didn’t like it. So for days, I’ve ponder upon this matter and came out with a few reasons on my weird instinct about 2012.

I don’t wanna grow old. Funny for a guy who is saying that when he’s just turning 30 and with looks that do not reflect 30 at all. Yeah, but I’ve said it. I don’t wanna grow old.

The bigger picture behind me not wanting to grow old is also because I think that I should’ve achieved more in my life before 30’s. It’s all too late for me to dwell over it but to play catch up and make sure I’m able to achieve the things I’ve envisioned for my life at 30. Reason for me feeling this way is also a stronger influence from a book I’ve finished reading just before 2012, Steve Job’s Biography – he started out from an average family and he achieved so much at 30.

So let’s not sit and wait for 2012 to pass us by. It’s the 8th of 2012 today. 1 week has passed and 47 weeks more to go for us to achieve what we want for this year. I wish you all a Happy New Year and God speed!

Here’s a video of what I think is the greatest fireworks for 2012.