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Accidental Porn-stars

Accidental Porn-stars – Nude pictures/videos of individuals expose on the internet without individual’s consent

Case #1
If you’re being filmed secretly then I feel sorry for you. (I blame you slightly to not see this coming, your ex can burn in hell.)

Case #2
You agree to it and you find it thrilling. Sorry ladies & gentlemen. Filming was designed to be shown and you asked for it.

The tremendous spike in recent accidental porn-stars are also what technology advancement has brought us into. We would’ve think twice before snapping ourselves nude because you damn well know that the photo studio where you take your film to develop keeps at least 2 copies. These days we can view it on a computer till someone decides to leak it out to the world through the wonderful technologies human has built.

Welcome to the digital world and if you’ve agree to any filming activities of your scandalous nights, you just might be another victim soon. Just hope it doesn’t land in my inbox.