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A thai commercial that made me tear. [Video]


For everyone, you might be watching this at home or at work.
For me, I watched it on a plane while waiting for everyone to board.

Maybe it was the commercial alone, maybe it was me on a plane, maybe it was the company I was with. It brought me tears. I was crying and I couldn’t stop it. Did you cry?

What I concluded from a 3 year old McD fries vs KFC fries science experiment.

Fries were left in unopened Mason jars for three years.

“If we eat enough McDonald fries for the rest of our lives, our body will never rot when we die.”

148 baddest looking bikers, would you have gotten the Carlsberg?

Carlsberg pulled a stunt on several unsuspecting couples going to a movie theater. They filled a Belgian cinema with the baddest looking bikers, and left only two seats in the middle empty. Their reactions were priceless.

Watch the video and answer the poll

Does the type of car a guy drives matters?

I came across this ‘Geek Gets Girl’ YouTube video months ago and there was only 2 parts. The 3rd part was released days ago and I thought it’s so brilliant it would a shame not to share it.

Summary: Geek drives a car to the beach and pick up a hot girl, in an extraordinary way.

First part shows Geek drives around the beach and found a girl.

Second part shows Geek returns with a plan.

I waited a long time for the ending. Consider yourself lucky.