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Things my boss do: Calendar Reminder

Who gets to open up their work calendar and be able to have a good laugh from your boss?

If you do not know where I work, you should watch the video below about Leaderonomics & Vuvuzela plus a prank for one of our colleagues!

more videos at http://leaderonomics.com/lifeatleaderonomics/

Is sitting the new smoking?

Since January 21st, 2011, I’ve been opting to stand at work instead of sitting in my usual cubical.

Why? Don’t the new generation sit too much these days? We sit at work, we sit when we eat, we sit watching our TVs, we sit in the car, we sit during social events, etc.

Prolonged sitting is bad for your health. Scientist and medical experts believed that sitting is not great for you and your brain. I’m not saying that sitting will kill us but research shows that long bouts of sitting causes serious physiological responses related to chronic disease and a shortened life span. The University of Queensland found that people who stood up frequently had lower levels of C-reactive protein (a marker for blood fat). They also had smaller waistlines. It was the frequency of standing not the duration that counted.

One study found that a woman’s risk of developing metabolic syndrome increased 26% for every extra hour of sitting. Prolonged sitting in an upright position can strain your back resulting in chronic pain. Blood clots are another risk of being inactive. None of this is good for your brain.

Periods of standing throughout the day can improve circulation, muscle tone, and vitality. Standing up benefits the lean and overweight alike. Standing up frequently keeps blood flowing free to your head. So the better the heart functions, the better your brain works.

I’ll leave you with a video that shows you how bad sitting does to our health and also an infographic recently created by http://www.medicalbillingandcoding.org/


Life At Leaderonomics: Things I admire about you…

At Leaderonomics, we have dedicated a session to teach one another with whatever expertise we have. So last Friday we were given a session by Eric Lau on Trust & Recognition.

At the end of the session we were all asked to answer a few questions in a card and present it to one another. This is what I got.

Things I admire about you!
a. Passion b. Cheerfulness C. Teachable/humble

a. Passionate about what you believe in & not ashamed to share it with the world. eg. YEP promo at STAR Edu fair, you engage ppl & make sure they hear you.
b. Always fun to be with, even in stressful situations. Your cheer spreads, esp at camps!
c. eg. When I tell you stuff at camps. You listen, although I’m younger than you . =P

[picture taken during our company Hat Day]

Signs that your job is quitting on you!

You realize that everyone is keeping information from you. No one gives a damn on whatever you’re doing and they practically leave you hanging in the meeting room. Big sign and it’s usually a goner if you’re facing with this situation. Unless they are all planning on a surprise party on you! Which I think the chances are less likely!
Freeman on the run?
Ahh… it’s lunch time and you’ve not done a single thing since you’ve gotten to the office? You think boss is being nice to you? Think again! They are just making sure that without your help the company would run perfectly.
New position?
If it ain’t going upwards then you’re being sack discreetly! The only way to use a ladder is going upwards… so if you’re going sideways or downwards. You’re as good as gone!
Times have changed, have you?
You realize that your company isn’t doing well. Yet you’re not in the movements of upbringing the company to a better scale? See the uselessness in yourself towards the company? Leave before they even get to fire you man!
The word “unproductive” has risen on you?
Change is the best word I can give you! Quit is another word if you’re planning on seeing that word! Companies would always like to give a grace period to mistakes that are done. They believe humans are not perfect and it’s ok to give chances. So do not take them lightly and consult for improvements!
Company wants to reconstruct?
Good news for the company because they are seeking for improvements. But ain’t sound good for the employees. Changing the company profile or organization means extra employees are shown their own way out. Double your workload and show that the company has got no reason to leave you behind the new company!

[image=taken from my unedited iPhone 3GS pictures album]