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If I were a Bitizen in Tiny Tower.

If I were a Bitizen…

I’ll stay at Electic Apartments

or High Tech Apartments.

My business would be Mapple Store (Apple Store)

but I secretly work at the Private Eye.

I’ll eat at Asian Cuisine mostly

but also occasionally goes to BBQ Place for their Beef Ribs.

I’ll be the gentleman

and you’ll be my lady.

We’ll dine at Fancy Cuisine

before we watch a play at the Theater.

If everything goes well, I’ll bring you to meet James Dean who stays above me.

But if you’re like Ruben Taylor who is a fan of Justin Beiber.

I’ll evict you off my tower as fast as I did for Joyce McDonald who clearly has got zero talent.

Else, if everything goes well. We might visit the Wedding Chapel and live happily ever after.

The End.