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Lata Hammer Waterfalls – Just Jump! [Video]

Girls frozen in time

I love waterfalls. This time we traveled quite far up all the way to Bentong, Pahang. Lata Hammer is best accessible using 4×4 cars due to the rough terrain that may damage the undercarriage of your normal sedan or saloon car.

The hike is a simple but not direct walk in the park. Our group got split up and the ones ahead miss the sign and went all the way to the end of the road where they only see a river.

Upon arriving the waterfall. We actually caught up with some friends who were they earlier than us. Aren’t there anymore waterfalls in Malaysia that we actually met our friend at the very same waterfall on a Sunday? As you can see from the picture, there are plenty of room for you to setup your picnic area or tent for overnight stay. There was this other family who has set up a tent on the higher ground and stayed the night before.

The magical thing about Lata Hammer Waterfalls are the butterflies. There are a species seen fluttering around and even the Rajah Brooke butterfly. I couldn’t take a picture of it but the video below shows.

Like all waterfalls, the water is cold. Lata Hammer has water so cold that I could feel my legs tingling whenever I swim. The current is very strong near the waterfall so please becareful not to get sucked by the vortex. We spend most of our time trying to balance on a piece of super long log we found and jumping into the water from higher grounds. The waterfall is so deep that even by holding your breath and trying to reach the bottom is nearly impossible. So it’s pretty safe if you know how to jump off cliffs and not fall right at the foot of the hill.

Lastly, just jump!

Lepoh waterfalls, do the slide! [Video]

If you’ve read my previous post about Lambir waterfalls, you would see how majestic waterfalls are at Borneo island. Lepoh waterfalls, not as majestic but has a different attraction. An extreme slide much like what you get in Sunway Lagoon but generates much much more heart pumping thrills.

The Lepoh Waterfalls

This place is located at Hulu Langat, driving from PJ takes only about an hour plus. It has got a long 1.5 hours hike if you have the stamina to keep up the pace. 2 hours plus if you take rest stops in between. Terrain isn’t tough at all as you do not need special hiking gear to get all the way up. Although if it rains, it might get pretty slippery. When I visited Lepoh waterfalls, there wasn’t much crowd. I say this is due to the long distance steep hike.

The first stretch of road

Lots of beautiful breathtaking bamboo scenes

Throughout the forest you’ll see this beautiful parasitic ixora look-alike flower

Perfect morning sunlight falls on some greens

Million dollar laugh

Do prepare to fend of leeches if you’re going there after a rain. I didn’t encounter any leeches but I had friends who warned us about it. Bring ample food for breakfast and lunch. You can even setup a BBQ session if you’re up for it.

Lastly, if you visit. DO THE SLIDE!


Lambir Waterfalls Revisited


I find myself returned once more to Lambir Waterfalls.

A place I almost drowned 2 decades ago. It happened right where the girl in the picture was standing. I was young and naughty and did not know how to swim.

My relatives from Sandakan, Sabah brought a friend to visit Miri and my dad decided to bring all of us to the waterfalls. The place was packed as it was a weekend. The adults all went out of the water but I stayed in. The cold water didn’t bother me one bit.

Loving the feeling of going deeper into the water. I tip-toed my way towards the deep end. Slowly and carefully I was caught off-guard by the sudden cliff that appeared. I couldn’t feel anything under my feet. Immediately I was sinking deeper and deeper. As the water rushes into my mouth, I could barely shout or let alone say anything. As I tried to signal for help, my limbs are working as hard as possible to keep myself afloat.

I thank God that my actions actually caught someone’s attention. In the corner of my eye, I saw him rushed towards me and grab me back on shore with ease. Despite the shock, I could recognize that the guy was actually my relative’s friend.

Today, as I was walking back into Lambir. I could remember all the foot steps I’ve taken. Standing there in front of the waterfall with memory imprint where my parents sat, how I almost drowned, how I was saved…

Welcome back to Lambir Waterfalls. You are as beautiful as you are.