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3000km, 2 weddings, 1 dive trip.

 Wednesday 11.26pm
I was standing in front of the conveyor belt waiting for my luggage in Miri airport. Always feels good to be home.

This trip was made for 2 main purposes, a wedding and a dive trip. It’s a short 2 days 2 nights trip because I had to come back to KL for another wedding. Would have bail that KL wedding but no, ain’t gonna let the bride give me shit till the day I die.


Thursday 6:41pm
Arrived early for the wedding to beat the parking shortage.

This wedding ain’t no typical Chinese restaurant wedding. It’s held in Ming Cafe itself! If I didn’t have to dive the next morning. I would go crazy on the yummy pork buffet line. Did a speech for the lovely couple in the picture and kinda made the groom teared a little. Hope I didn’t say anything to upset him. Few friends and I had to go slow on drinks and leave before the clock strikes 12. Great food, great company, great laughter, great wedding! Congrats again to Alex & Agnes.


Friday 7:28am
Kolok mee for breakfast before the dive.

Did 3 dives. One of it was a wreck dive where a Japanese warship has sank during World War II. Upon arriving on the location itself, you could smell the oil leakage from the ship wreck itself. Makes me wonder why is there still oil in that ship even after 68 years. Will write a more in depth post on this dive soon for those who wants to read more about it.

Saturday 12:33am
Decided to watch The Conjuring with a couple of friends.

By now, I’m dead tired. Took a power nap before heading to the cinema. It’s an amazing horror film. Couple it up with a midnight show, it sure does gives you the chills. Can feel my chair moved because of sudden jolts by others on the same row. One thing for sure, trust Asians in making horror films. Did you know the director, James Wan was born in Kuching? So proud of Sarawak roots!

Saturday 9:50am
First in line to board AirAsia. Super ‘kiasu’. Got a nice front seat 11B but the seats can’t recline. Freaking hell!


Saturday 6:33pm
Woke up by a phone call.

Good thing that call came in. My alarm was set to 6am instead of pm. I could’ve so missed the wedding. I’m happy I made it to the wedding. It’s such a blessing being able to witness all the joy and happiness that is bestowed upon my friend Shu Fen. And partying with her again makes me realize how much I’ve missed and appreciate her company. Congrats to you Chuong & Shu Fen.


Lastly, not forgetting all the family and friends that I’ve met up with in these few days. I had the time of my life! I thank God for the safe journey, 2 wonderful weddings, the dive trip and countless joys and laughter.

What’s the meaning of life? This is mine, what’s yours?

I believe we all have a purpose in life. Some of us may already found the reason to live, some of us not. Whatever it may be, don’t stop searching because life is short, make it count.

Here’s the meaning of my life – to inspire/help/guide others with what I’ve been given.

Below are some testimonies I’ve gathered in a short first 2 weeks of 2012.

“Life is beautiful when you’ve found your purpose.”

My friend was kind enough to tag me in a picture he found online which perfectly suits my meaning of life.

Me, the baby magnet.

The Koala Hold – a position most babies love

I have this certain charm with babies where I’m like a baby magnet. (previous post) I noticed this when I was still a teenager. During big family gatherings, it’s surprising that most babies who resist my other aunts did not treat me the same way. They are fine with me carrying them.

Below is a video of me and adorable baby Sierra.

If you didn’t know already, I love babies. In fact I love babies so much I wouldn’t mind getting one for myself but without the wife. (at this point of my life)


In life, you’ll always end up on the losing end if you cheat.

This is a funny story about me cheating roughly 20 years ago.

The Class
I had English tuition classes in the afternoon throughout most of my primary school years. It was at EM tuition center located at Mosjaya of Miri. It was a new tuition center where most of the mothers considered it to be the best. During that time, a young  dedicated, honest looking teacher name Mr. Sim was teaching me. I remember my mum would tell me that he’s such a nice guy that whoever marries him will have no worries for the rest of her life.

This English class Mr. Sim conducted was fun and dynamic. He would throw in an exam every month just to make sure we’re keeping up. I was pretty poor with my grammar at that time and I would always get a sounding from my mum for making stupid obvious mistakes like not putting ‘ing’ on an adjective that describes continuity in action.

The Cheat
As I recalled clearly it was a Thursday afternoon. The whole class have got our exam papers back. Mr. Sim wrote all the answers on the board for us to learn the mistakes we’ve made during the exam. I scored 78 and was really disappointed in myself because I would like to get an A for my mother. Secretly, when no one was watching, I changed one of my answers to the one on the board so that I could get that extra 2 points to put me up in the A group. Without thinking or analyzing I went ahead and rub off the answer carefully and nervously.

The question:
Yesterday, I went to the store to _________ some groceries.

What I wrote:
Yesterday, I went to the store to buy some groceries.

What I changed to:
Yesterday, I went to the store to bought some groceries.

By now, I summoned my courage to walk up towards Mr. Sim in hope that he will not notice that I’ve changed the answer. I passed him my paper and told him that he has got a marking error and I deserved more points. He took my paper with a slight disbelief in his facial expression and carefully read the sentence. He looked at the board and cross checked at my paper again. I was nervous but in my heart I was confident I’ll get that extra points.

The Reality
He stood up and went to the white board to change the grammar and announced to the class saying that he made a mistake and whoever wrote the real correct answer should see him immediately to redeem their points. I was so shocked that I felt numbed. The other kids are all swarming in front of him to get their extra points while I took my paper back and sat in my seat quietly dumbfounded.

The Lesson
I did thought to myself that if I tell the truth I might get that extra points. But I didn’t, I shall take this paper home and show it to my mother and let it be a lesson for the rest of my life that if you cheat, you’ll end up losing more in life.

I want to be an actor.

There are lots of things I would like to be in this lifetime.

  1. Astronaut
  2. All Blacks Rugby Player
  3. Big Time Criminal like Al Capone
  4. Spy much like James Bond
  5. Superhero like Mr. Incredible
  6. Villain like Lex Luthor
  7. Jet Fighter Pilot
  8. F1 Driver
  9. National Geographic wild-life photographer
  10. Professional Con Artist
  11. Professional Dancer
  12. Car Reviewer like Jeremy Clarkson
  13. Game Developer for Blizzard
  14. Rock Star like Aerosmith

So what does that has got anything to do with me wanting to be an actor? Most of the profession I’ve listed requires a lifetime to achieve. I can’t just spend 2 months of studying how to be a jet fighter pilot and fly one. Or take a F1 driving license and be competitive in the track next to Sebastian Vettel. Send a resume to Mi6 and be James Bond. No, it all requires a lifetime and dedication to achieve.

So, after I did some thinking and I realize that by being an actor, it’s the only way I could achieve almost all my want-to-be list of careers. May it be only 1 day of being a spy, F1 driver, it’s enough!

Things my boss do: Calendar Reminder

Who gets to open up their work calendar and be able to have a good laugh from your boss?

If you do not know where I work, you should watch the video below about Leaderonomics & Vuvuzela plus a prank for one of our colleagues!

more videos at http://leaderonomics.com/lifeatleaderonomics/

Life At Leaderonomics: Things I admire about you…

At Leaderonomics, we have dedicated a session to teach one another with whatever expertise we have. So last Friday we were given a session by Eric Lau on Trust & Recognition.

At the end of the session we were all asked to answer a few questions in a card and present it to one another. This is what I got.

Things I admire about you!
a. Passion b. Cheerfulness C. Teachable/humble

a. Passionate about what you believe in & not ashamed to share it with the world. eg. YEP promo at STAR Edu fair, you engage ppl & make sure they hear you.
b. Always fun to be with, even in stressful situations. Your cheer spreads, esp at camps!
c. eg. When I tell you stuff at camps. You listen, although I’m younger than you . =P

[picture taken during our company Hat Day]

I Cried On Watermelon Seeds.

Gullible is the word to describe this story.

I’ve always love the sweet taste of watermelon since young. I have the privilege to eat one whole watermelon by myself every night while watching movies when I’m in Miri because my dad plants em’. Lucky me eh.

Here comes the story. 7 years old, con by my mama on a sunny afternoon. Conveniently sliced watermelon is being served and my brother and I was indulging the soft sweet redness of it. You know how boys can be sloppy eaters when they are young. I swallowed some seeds and told my mama with a bit of a shock. My mama teamed up with my little brother and told me that:

“James, soon you’ll see watermelon sprout from the top of your head.”

What do you expect an innocent boy to think? I took it literally of course! I stopped eating immediately and had a mental picture in my head that how ugly I would look with watermelon sprouting on top of my head. I lower my head and put my arms around my head. From a quiet tear to a slight cry.

After having a fair share of laughing my mama convinced that she was only joking and she had to explain what will happen to the seed before I stop crying. Boo!

I believe I was melted in a dream.

I took an evening nap. Something I don’t normally do but lack of sleep recently charmed me into it.

The dream took place in a vehicle(looks like a car but size of a bus) going towards some nature expedition. The setting was lighted up with clear blue skies and brilliant shades of green along side the road. There were other people in the car but no one in particular I know except the one that I was, still and will always be madly in love for.

The funny thing for her to step into this dream is because I’ve not seen her or talk to her for more than half a year now. She was sitting in front of me. When the vehicle stopped and the driver went down to the toilet, I went in front and sat next to her.

We had a small talk but I believe I melted in my dream when she expressed that she wanted to spend some time with me in the following days.

I woke up.

“I had a dream. It’s a very beautiful dream with the girl I was, still and will be madly in love for.”

I’m a baby magnet!

Oh yes it is. It happens all the time. And I have two great significant stories to back it up!

1. I was waiting for a bunch of dudes at KLCC. So I went up to the Signature Food Court to sit. As usual, I would always take the row of tables nearest to the windows. After finding the right spot, I sat down and sip on my Vanilla Coke.

While sipping, I noticed that I was being stalked by this little baby girl (pictured above) sitting not far from me. Seriously she is! From the very moment that I sat down on that chair, she has her eyes on me non-stop! Not even when the mother tried to feed her. She kept looking and looking and looking till her mummy couldn’t stand the distraction I was giving her baby. Her mum decided to turn the chair of her baby girl towards her.

You think that helped? Haha.. no! She turned 180 degrees just to continue starring at me. And what’s worst? She ain’t gonna eat anymore. So there… what a magnet!

2. Just before I left Murni’s @ SS2. This adorable baby girl caught my attention. Not only me actually. 2 of my other friends who were eating with me. She was reluctant to stay put until she caught my eye. Naturally I wave and gave her the nicest smile. Yeah, she waved at me of course.

It didn’t just stop there. The adorable baby girl looked at me and laugh. Waved even more and kept looking. Her mum was feeding her white rice. She too didn’t quite enjoy it. Still she looked at me from time to time and I even make funny faces and flying kisses. Both of us somehow developed a special connection in that short period of time. Her care-takers are all shocked at her behavior. Then her auntie, I think. Brought her close to our table and interacted with us. Her name is Victoria. Suits her just perfectly.

I went to pay for our table and her aunt let her stand on my chair. We played on for a little while longer as her aunt was still trying to feed her white rice. I gave her a bar of Kit Kat and she is so happy she gave me a high 5 plus flying kisses as we go.

Above is the picture of the first baby girl I encountered. I didn’t get to take the picture of the second baby girl because Natalie forgotten!

“I love babies!”