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Rebecca Black is back with Saturday! [Video]

Rebecca Black Saturday

Why yes… of course the next song by Rebecca Black is ‘Saturday’!

After all she did sing about it in her first single.

“Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after … wards
I don’t want this weekend to end”

So is it safe to assume that the next song title is ‘Sunday’?

Anyway, here’s that new music video.

It’s about Friday Night

The latest single from Katy Perry is Last Friday Night (TGIF)

To the less exposed, here’s how the song came about.

So, first you have a music video from Rebecca Black which pulled in the most dislikes on YouTube. I feel disgusted even mentioning it. You call that a song?

Then you have super sexy Katy Perry who released Last Friday Night (TGIF) with Rebecca Black starring in it. Not only her, Glee cast, Debbie Gibson, Kenny G and Hanson too!  It entirely baffles me how this generation’s stardom effect works. You can be horrible, disgusting, scandalous (especially scandalous) and still make a big name. But I guess it’s always a good thing if it’s making a living for you. After all, with much complains from me, Rebecca Black is a lot richer than I am now considering the staggering sales of her song she got on iTunes. Guess, Katy Perry on the other hand also is helping her to look cool so that she won’t be laughed at further in her life after a mistake in uploading her music video on YouTube which her mum paid for.

Katy Perry did a cover of Rebecca Black’s Friday during one of her concerts.