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I want to but can’t support local radio stations in Malaysia.

The Habit
It has been a long time since I’ve listen to the radio. This is mainly because I’ve got a USB port in my car. Who could resist songs that you love on demand anytime, anywhere.

The Incident
Whenever it rains heavily, I would choose to leave my office earlier or later. I picked the later and left my office at 8:30pm. Upon driving towards B1 from B3, I’m surprised that I needed to queue to get onto ground floor.

Baffled by the situation, I decided to turn on the radio in hope to catch up with traffic updates.┬áIt’s ridiculous that rain alone could cause such massive jam on the Sprint highway and LDP at such late hours.

The Radio Station
Patiently, I listened to the preset channels on my radio. Station to station, song after song I let them play out. Within minutes, I couldn’t help but notice the funny DJ scratching alike noise that is caught in between certain parts of the song. Shortly, I realized what that sound was all about. It’s trying to censor out lyrics that contains swearing, dirty thoughts, inappropriate behavior and biblical references even.

How to support?
Scratching noises is just one of the method used. Meridith Brooks has this famous song name ‘Bitch’ where they totally deleted the word in the song. Same goes to Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ where they deleted the word ‘girl’ and recently ‘skinny dipping’ was censored from ‘Last Friday Night’. Katy Perry did mention about her song ‘I Kissed A Girl’ when she was performing in Malaysia. She thinks that by deleting the word ‘girl’ from the song just makes it even more nasty cause then you can put whatever word after ‘I kissed a _________ and I liked it…’

This whole censorship thing is extremely disgusting to my taste. What is the point of censoring or deleting certain words when you’ll get to see the whole title when you buy the CD? We would know certainly what fits in ‘I kissed a _______’.

I love my music, so much that a slight, short distortion could throw my groove away. So, I want but really couldn’t bring myself to support local radio stations. I miss Capital FM.