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Most memorable kiss.

Who: A girl I adore very much still
When: Roughly 2 years ago
Where: In the cinema

We have known each other for awhile. Attracted to each other definitely, but not in a relationship. It was our first time going to the movies. The movie we went to watch was G.I.Joe. Not the greatest movie but cool none the less.

I remembered it was a weekday. We went to the cinemas after a simple dinner and I bought popcorn. Seats were great, right at the dead center. Movie started off okay but lost a bit of steam half way through with all the chatter scenes. I was munching away my popcorn and gave some to her.

We started whispering, then I mentioned about a favor I did for her recently that I deserve a kiss for. Being bold, I lean my right cheek towards her just to tease and she nonchalantly gave me a peck. Surprised, a little embarrassed and stunned I sat there for a moment. Then I decided to give her a kiss on the cheek in return. I turned my head and looked at her for a split second and lean towards her cheek. Without a sign, she pushed her lips towards mine and they met.

We did talked about it after the movies and both of us had a good laugh. Bet she’s super embarrassed after knowing that I just wanted to kiss her cheeks.

That’s my most memorable kiss.