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Girls are stupid. Guys are good at lying.

They always say that girls are better liars. I do agree to a certain point but let’s leave that argument for another post.

The situation here is about stories you’ve heard about your girl friends. You damn well know that whoever your girl friend is dating is a bad apple. You’ve warned her numerous times about his flowery, flirtatious, cheating words. But what does your girl friend do? She is just stupid. She chose to believe whatever this guy promises her. Not once, not twice but till the day her heart crushes into millions of pieces till she can’t go in that relationship anymore.

I can’t blame the girl, really. Guys are just too good at lying and girls are just stupid enough to believe. This equation is the root of all miserable relationships you’ve been trying to save your girl friends from.

Girls believe in hope. The hope that guys gave. Just that the ‘hope’ we are referring to here are lies.

There’s no genius way to snap her out of this stupidity state. Often times you just have to let them fall, fall so hard that they wake up from their stupidity and make sure you’re there to lift them up when needed.

“Guys are just too good at lying and girls are just stupid enough to believe.”