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Touching lives through DIODE YLC


DIODE is the best camp ever! The only camp which changed my life for the better. Each activity is specifically designed for a purpose. No matter what activity it is, indoor or outdoor, it benefits all campers. An extraordinary camp which pushes you beyond your limits, and at the same time allows you to have fun. You know what? This six-day camp can actually change lives.

As a dyslexic, I was never a confident person, often hiding behind my mum’s skirt. After building up my confidence at the camp, I emerged as  a champion at a public speaking competition, and went as far as judging for the national public speaking competition thereafter.

DIODE Camp is life changing! It will leave you with no regrets.

– Yeoh Shu Wen, Cassandra 18

For more info, contact Alvin 012 954 4222
Email: diode@leaderonomics.com

Dreamt that I got robbed.


It was roughly 10am in the morning. There was no one around except for me. I walking slowly up these flight of stairs at a place which is much like an open air market. The place seems a little run down. I’m definitely in a small town. I continued walking towards my car which somehow is on the 1st floor.

As I reached the 1st floor. There was this guy who just walked passed me. He was staring at me and my backpack. Somehow, my backpack seems pretty valuable and I could tell that the guy has intention to rob me. As I was noticing everything that is happening. Another guy with mustache was walking towards our direction too. He too saw my backpack and I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to have a piece of my backpack.

This two random strangers looked at each other and decided to gang up and rob me. I couldn’t figure out what I was carrying in my backpack or what was it in the first place but I knew badly that I didn’t want to lose it at all cost. I quickly told them “hey hey hey… don’t rob me. I’ll give you cash!” I took out my wallet and grab all the cash I have in it. It was a miserable 40+ worth of cash only. The two guys grabbed the cash looked at me and looked at each other in a puzzling manner. I could see that they are debating if they are going to let me go or grab my backpack.

Without giving them any chance to think twice, I quickly ran towards my car which didn’t seem far away. I locked the doors and started driving off thinking to myself, how lucky I was to escaped unscathed.

I woke up from my dreams after that part without knowing what was the valuable thing in my backpack that I didn’t want to lose.

The events in this dream definitely reflected part of my life at this point. I believe it’s a metaphor of what has been robbed from me in my life and I was holding onto something so valuable that I didn’t want to lose and somehow I managed to escape unscathed.


The Crazy Ones – Be a Leader [Video]

The Crazy Ones - Be a Leader

In Leaderonomics, it’s mandatory to be an actor from time to time. (check out the previous video I did with dmingthing) This particular video however put me in the spotlight, a soft spotlight too. Not sure if my colleagues do really feel this way about me or it’s just for acting’s sake. But it’s okay, I love you all!

Maybe some are just not cut to be in a relationship? [Video]

This video makes me wonder. Could this be the ultimate reason to 40 year old virgins? Of course I don’t expect all the woman to be starting to kill off everyone but the video does make a bit of sense. Minus the killing part is ultimately the kind of woman who just can’t stand anything. To set in their own world and ways to even want to accept anything else.

I guess some people are just not cut to be in a relationship at all.

3000km, 2 weddings, 1 dive trip.

 Wednesday 11.26pm
I was standing in front of the conveyor belt waiting for my luggage in Miri airport. Always feels good to be home.

This trip was made for 2 main purposes, a wedding and a dive trip. It’s a short 2 days 2 nights trip because I had to come back to KL for another wedding. Would have bail that KL wedding but no, ain’t gonna let the bride give me shit till the day I die.


Thursday 6:41pm
Arrived early for the wedding to beat the parking shortage.

This wedding ain’t no typical Chinese restaurant wedding. It’s held in Ming Cafe itself! If I didn’t have to dive the next morning. I would go crazy on the yummy pork buffet line. Did a speech for the lovely couple in the picture and kinda made the groom teared a little. Hope I didn’t say anything to upset him. Few friends and I had to go slow on drinks and leave before the clock strikes 12. Great food, great company, great laughter, great wedding! Congrats again to Alex & Agnes.


Friday 7:28am
Kolok mee for breakfast before the dive.

Did 3 dives. One of it was a wreck dive where a Japanese warship has sank during World War II. Upon arriving on the location itself, you could smell the oil leakage from the ship wreck itself. Makes me wonder why is there still oil in that ship even after 68 years. Will write a more in depth post on this dive soon for those who wants to read more about it.

Saturday 12:33am
Decided to watch The Conjuring with a couple of friends.

By now, I’m dead tired. Took a power nap before heading to the cinema. It’s an amazing horror film. Couple it up with a midnight show, it sure does gives you the chills. Can feel my chair moved because of sudden jolts by others on the same row. One thing for sure, trust Asians in making horror films. Did you know the director, James Wan was born in Kuching? So proud of Sarawak roots!

Saturday 9:50am
First in line to board AirAsia. Super ‘kiasu’. Got a nice front seat 11B but the seats can’t recline. Freaking hell!


Saturday 6:33pm
Woke up by a phone call.

Good thing that call came in. My alarm was set to 6am instead of pm. I could’ve so missed the wedding. I’m happy I made it to the wedding. It’s such a blessing being able to witness all the joy and happiness that is bestowed upon my friend Shu Fen. And partying with her again makes me realize how much I’ve missed and appreciate her company. Congrats to you Chuong & Shu Fen.


Lastly, not forgetting all the family and friends that I’ve met up with in these few days. I had the time of my life! I thank God for the safe journey, 2 wonderful weddings, the dive trip and countless joys and laughter.

Things I loathe #43 – People who drag their feet

Are you one of them who drags their feet on the ground when you walk? If you ain’t, do you find it annoying when the person walking around you does it?

By dragging your feet when you walk is more than just annoying. Have anyone not ever tell you not to drag your feet while you walk? The social perception implies that you’re a lazy person and a slob. You’re weak and uninspired to even go from point A to B. You scoot around like a zombie. I’m not being prejudice here just wondering why do people do it.

I could somewhat forgive you if it was flip-flops in the summer. But to do that whole year round? Are you wearing poorly fitted shoes passed down by your big feet cousin? Didn’t your parents told you that the sole of your shoe will wear out faster?

Anyway, while searching for this particular behavior online. I found a funny answer on Yahoo Answers.

J9: Yes! There’s this girl in my law class who does it. She always arrives late and then drags her feet all the way to her seat. Shes known as shuffle-girl.

I personally find how they call her shuffle-girl hilarious!

Lastly, do yourself a favor and lift your feet up and walk properly for the love of life.


In life, you’ll always end up on the losing end if you cheat.

This is a funny story about me cheating roughly 20 years ago.

The Class
I had English tuition classes in the afternoon throughout most of my primary school years. It was at EM tuition center located at Mosjaya of Miri. It was a new tuition center where most of the mothers considered it to be the best. During that time, a young  dedicated, honest looking teacher name Mr. Sim was teaching me. I remember my mum would tell me that he’s such a nice guy that whoever marries him will have no worries for the rest of her life.

This English class Mr. Sim conducted was fun and dynamic. He would throw in an exam every month just to make sure we’re keeping up. I was pretty poor with my grammar at that time and I would always get a sounding from my mum for making stupid obvious mistakes like not putting ‘ing’ on an adjective that describes continuity in action.

The Cheat
As I recalled clearly it was a Thursday afternoon. The whole class have got our exam papers back. Mr. Sim wrote all the answers on the board for us to learn the mistakes we’ve made during the exam. I scored 78 and was really disappointed in myself because I would like to get an A for my mother. Secretly, when no one was watching, I changed one of my answers to the one on the board so that I could get that extra 2 points to put me up in the A group. Without thinking or analyzing I went ahead and rub off the answer carefully and nervously.

The question:
Yesterday, I went to the store to _________ some groceries.

What I wrote:
Yesterday, I went to the store to buy some groceries.

What I changed to:
Yesterday, I went to the store to bought some groceries.

By now, I summoned my courage to walk up towards Mr. Sim in hope that he will not notice that I’ve changed the answer. I passed him my paper and told him that he has got a marking error and I deserved more points. He took my paper with a slight disbelief in his facial expression and carefully read the sentence. He looked at the board and cross checked at my paper again. I was nervous but in my heart I was confident I’ll get that extra points.

The Reality
He stood up and went to the white board to change the grammar and announced to the class saying that he made a mistake and whoever wrote the real correct answer should see him immediately to redeem their points. I was so shocked that I felt numbed. The other kids are all swarming in front of him to get their extra points while I took my paper back and sat in my seat quietly dumbfounded.

The Lesson
I did thought to myself that if I tell the truth I might get that extra points. But I didn’t, I shall take this paper home and show it to my mother and let it be a lesson for the rest of my life that if you cheat, you’ll end up losing more in life.