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The Crazy Ones – Be a Leader [Video]

The Crazy Ones - Be a Leader

In Leaderonomics, it’s mandatory to be an actor from time to time. (check out the previous video I did with dmingthing) This particular video however put me in the spotlight, a soft spotlight too. Not sure if my colleagues do really feel this way about me or it’s just for acting’s sake. But it’s okay, I love you all!

Top 10 Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Employees [Video]

So this week I was able to be the actor for our weekly Leaderonomics Top 10 that is made just in time for Christmas, check out my top 10 gifts!

Sometimes we forget to give a simple “thank you” for a job well done or just to express our appreciation. Showing gratitude is not limited to just saying thanks – there are other ways to show it too. Sit back and enjoy the show as we feature the Top 10 Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Employees this holiday season!

A reason to buy papers again.


Picture above is what you’ll get in this upcoming Saturday’s The Star newspaper.

It’s a pullout that is so good you’ll buy the Saturday papers just for it.

Though the title says myStarjob, it actually brings much more to the table rather than just jobs related content. I personally think that the title could use a lot more spice and sexiness to it. The title just doesn’t give enough excitement to justify the content.

This is a segment where you’ll truly learn and get inspired. Great leadership contents and directions for the nation to work towards doing what you love ultimately.

So be sure not to miss the first pullout this coming Saturday.

By the way, you’ll get to see me on page 6!

The Star misquoted Roshan Thiran

Newspaper in Malaysia are interesting businesses.

We’ve seen bad photoshopped pictures reporting a total different story – http://holiestmonk.blogspot.com/2011/07/malaysia-newspaper-spread-lies-about.html

Today we have Roshan Thiran being misquoted –

According to Roshan Thiran, CEO of Leaderonomics, a leadership development social enterprise, leadership styles are driven by personalities.
“And as far as public perception goes, Lim is seen as a Gen X leader whom people can relate to easily.
“He has established an image as a leader who is approachable. It’s a positive trait but on the downside, he may take a while to respond to issues. (full article here http://goo.gl/uT22j)

Roshan Thiran has clarified on his Facebook page that he is a big fan of Lim Guan Eng and view him as one of the few (if only) true leaders in the political space. He has a high regard for him and regards him as a servant leader who serves the public with dedication, and is a man of action. And if you ask any Gen X-er today who they regard as a great leader, Guan Eng usually wins tops down. All the best to Guan Eng and let it be known that you have a major supporter in Roshan Thiran and his team. (Roshan’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roshan-Thiran/54645209514)


Things my boss do: Calendar Reminder

Who gets to open up their work calendar and be able to have a good laugh from your boss?

If you do not know where I work, you should watch the video below about Leaderonomics & Vuvuzela plus a prank for one of our colleagues!

more videos at http://leaderonomics.com/lifeatleaderonomics/

Life At Leaderonomics: Things I admire about you…

At Leaderonomics, we have dedicated a session to teach one another with whatever expertise we have. So last Friday we were given a session by Eric Lau on Trust & Recognition.

At the end of the session we were all asked to answer a few questions in a card and present it to one another. This is what I got.

Things I admire about you!
a. Passion b. Cheerfulness C. Teachable/humble

a. Passionate about what you believe in & not ashamed to share it with the world. eg. YEP promo at STAR Edu fair, you engage ppl & make sure they hear you.
b. Always fun to be with, even in stressful situations. Your cheer spreads, esp at camps!
c. eg. When I tell you stuff at camps. You listen, although I’m younger than you . =P

[picture taken during our company Hat Day]