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Most memorable kiss.

Who: A girl I adore very much still
When: Roughly 2 years ago
Where: In the cinema

We have known each other for awhile. Attracted to each other definitely, but not in a relationship. It was our first time going to the movies. The movie we went to watch was G.I.Joe. Not the greatest movie but cool none the less.

I remembered it was a weekday. We went to the cinemas after a simple dinner and I bought popcorn. Seats were great, right at the dead center. Movie started off okay but lost a bit of steam half way through with all the chatter scenes. I was munching away my popcorn and gave some to her.

We started whispering, then I mentioned about a favor I did for her recently that I deserve a kiss for. Being bold, I lean my right cheek towards her just to tease and she nonchalantly gave me a peck. Surprised, a little embarrassed and stunned I sat there for a moment. Then I decided to give her a kiss on the cheek in return. I turned my head and looked at her for a split second and lean towards her cheek. Without a sign, she pushed her lips towards mine and they met.

We did talked about it after the movies and both of us had a good laugh. Bet she’s super embarrassed after knowing that I just wanted to kiss her cheeks.

That’s my most memorable kiss.


Kissing is a colour

When was the last time you actually kissed someone? Maybe it be a sloppy French kiss or just a peck on the cheek. For those of you who are attached then it might be just few hours ago or something. If not, do it when you see him/her later.

Colour… it comes in different tones and shades. Just like how kisses comes in different shapes and sizes… oh, different taste too! You must be thinking that I’ve most probably kissed a hell lot of people to actually come up with this topic. Well, I’m not sure how many is consider many but I think it’s enough for me to say ‘Kissing is a Colour’.

I send out my kisses to all my dearies. Yes only to my dearies. I don’t go around and plant my lips on someone else cheek or lips for no reason. I think a peck on the cheek is just a sweet gesture to say hello, thank you, you’re sweet, goodbye and et cetera. A kiss on the lips brings kissing to a whole different level. It can be both a simple gesture or a complicated one. Simple as in hi my love and bye my love, complicated as in you know I want you or an opener to a more erotic invitation. French kissing to me is strictly for make out purposes. If you don’t mind how the viewers would judge you then go ahead. It’s your love.

Who do I kiss? My lovers of course. Or my dearies. Who are these dearies you might ask. They are the people who I think has made an impact in my life or a close friend since long time ago or just the next door neighbour who I have not seen in awhile. No intimate or French kisses for those who are not my lovers. That would render my lover just as cheap as my dearies.

I had a series of both shocking and wonderful surprises last weekend. The wonderful one is someone caught me partying and she nonchalantly kissed me on my lips as we pass each other by. Shocking one would be seeing another girl getting kissed around by 3 guys. I believe it’s French too!

That is where I would draw the line damn thick. Kissing someone with nice etiquette is definitely a +1 for me but if I by any chance get kiss by the shocking girl I’ve said earlier. That’s a -1 for me!

Lastly, NO is the answer if you’re thinking funny thoughts of putting a male in the position of who I consider my deary.

What’s your kissing style?

Who doesn’t like the idea of kissing? I love kisses. Be it just a peck, a long passionate kiss, a tongue teaser or Hershey’s kisses. After taking the kissing quiz. They’ve concluded that I’m a born romantic.

From what the article says. The great thing about being inherently romantic is that I actually enjoy kissing. I, being a born romantic is very lucky. My kisses provide a tender, wonderful way to stay connected with my partner. It is natural for me to have the instinct to kiss as a way to communicate love and affection. By reaching out in that manner, I continually strengthen the bond with my significant other. My relationships tend to benefit from seeking out opportunities to express my fondness. It’s a second-nature to me.

Take the quiz today and see what’s your kissing style!

And also here are some facts you might like to know:

  • Record romancing. The current record for the longest kiss is held by a New Jersey couple who kissed for a record 30 hours, 59 minutes, and 27 seconds on December 5, 2001, as part of a Valentine’s Day TV special.
  • Make-out workout. A passionate kiss uses up 6.4 calories per minute.
  • Oooh! Germs! During a kiss, as many as 278 colonies of bacteria are exchanged.
  • Road testing. The average American woman has kissed 79 men before she is married.
  • Sexiest screen smooches. According to a Gallup poll, the hottest kisses take place between Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind.
  • You may kiss the bride. The nuptial kiss at the altar began during Roman times as a symbol of the spiritual union between bride and groom, who exchanged “the breath of life.”
  • Slip of the tongue. The term “French kiss” came into use in prudish America in 1923 as a slur on French culture, which was thought to be shockingly oversexed.
  • When in France. Don’t call it a French kiss at all. The proper, more titillating term: a “tongue kiss” or “soul kiss.”
  • Kissing cousins. Ninety percent of the people of the world engage in kisses on the lips, anthropologists say. Some other cultures, such as Eskimos, use the “smell kiss” — rubbing noses.
  • Lip smackeroos. A lipstick imprint of a kiss made by Mick Jagger’s mouth once sold for $1,600.–Jeannie Ralston

“Kissing is a sport.”

First kiss.. mmm…

When was your first kiss? MSN Today posted something about First Kisses : The New Rules. And it’s an awesome write up plus education for those who has not been kissed yet!

Hmm… when was my first kiss? I can’t seem to remember the exact age.. maybe 10? 11? I have to admit that the timing was right! The age doesn’t seem so here. Anyway, it was at her house. It didn’t happen awkwardly, thank God. The parents were hanging out with my parents. So we both hung out where everybody else wasn’t… Duh! There were no signals or signs. I guess we’re both too young and innocent to play around with each others feelings to put each other into the mood. We’re just so curious we decided to dart towards each other and experience how a kiss actually felt in the movies! And yes we did try the tongue. I can’t really say that was the best kiss since it’s only my first time. But I can’t say it’s the worst either!

We don’t see each other now. In fact I don’t even know where has she gone to. It would be great if we could meet up again! We can discuss and laugh at ourselves again!

So boys and girls! Do comment about your own first kiss!

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