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Jayesslee’s concert in Malaysia [Video]

For all the fans of Jayesslee. I was lucky enough to be able to follow the twins around while they are in Malaysia back in July to film them. So finally, the video is ready and do check it out.

The video has got 2 background songs. The first song is an unreleased live recording of their new song in their upcoming album which will be available on iTunes soon.

So, I met Jayesslee, the twins on YouTube. [Video]

I know lots of you are fans of Jayesslee but unfortunately I’m not one. I’ve heard one of their earlier covers cause my colleague showed them to me but they didn’t quite catch my attention all that much… yet.

So last week I was fortunate enough to be their official videographer during their tour in Malaysia. I’ve had lots of experience with big stars because of the networks and the nature of my job. Organized a few rave parties and worked in a number of gigs when I was into events. So to me, Jayesslee was just another pair of stars.

You can tell I wasn’t all that excited about seeing them. I knew nothing about their background or names or how to differentiate the twins. My friends were more excited than I am. But this all changed as I actually get to know them better in person and hear them live. They are not just another pair of pretty face trying to make a music career.

They are both really down to earth and talented, friendly and most importantly – dedicated. These girls really work hard. They would go over and over a song just to make sure it sounded right during performance.

I salute their spirit and faith. Looking forward to your new album Jayesslee!

Lastly, the video filmed and edited by me!