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World is a Stage now has an icon for your iOS home screen + how to create it.

See that awesome icon. Let me teach you how to add it onto your home screen!

Step 1:
Visit https://jameslsy.com with your iOS device and click on the lower middle button.

Step 2:
Select ‘Add to Home Screen’

Step 3:
Entire desired name because ‘World is a Stage’ is just simply too long for the iOS home screen.

How to create it for my website?
Creating this icon is pretty easy. All you need is your favorite graphic editor.

1. Create a 114px x114px icon in PNG format. This is a retina screen proof icon size. You can get away with 72px x 72px for iPads and 57px x57px for other iOS devices. (always 72dpi and you don’t have to worry about the corners and the iconic reflective shine, iOS does it for you!)

2. Name this icon ‘apple-touch-icon.png’

3. Put this file in your root folder of your website or in your HTML add this line if you decided to name your icon differently <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/your-custom-icon.png"/>

How to create a US iTunes account with no payment method.

The perks of having a US iTunes account includes:

  1. Free songs every week  (picture below)
  2. Get apps before they are available in your country (most apps are released in US first eg: Google+)
  3. Get apps which are not available for your country (Scrabble app is only available for US & Canada)

Each account can be used up to 5 iOS devices and each device can be sync with 5 accounts. Let’s continue onto how to create your US iTunes account!

Step 1: App Store
Make sure you’re signed out from your current account and click on App Store.

Step 2: Free App
Click on the Free download button of any free app.

Step 3: Create New Account
You will be greeted with this screen. Do not sign in with your current Apple ID account but instead click on Create New Account.

Step 4: Continue
Click on Continue button.

Step 5: Billing Address
Make sure the billing address is stated in the United States. Else, click on the small arrow and change it. (If this option is not available to you, click continue)

Step 6: Personal Details
Fill in all your details and click Continue. It’s important that you use a new email address that is never registered as Apple ID or it will not work.

Step 7: Congratulations on your new US iTunes account
Again, ensure that your billing address is in United States. Click on the small arrow if it is not stated United States.
Click on None in the payment options.
Use any US address (mine is a hotel address) and congratulations, you have a US iTunes account. Happy downloading!

The cheat code I used for my studies.

Back in my PMR days, I used to spend my whole afternoon just playing PC games till I neglect my studies.

But luckily I found a cheat code. A cheat code for my life.

The Story
After school, I would sit in front of my PC after lunch and play games till late evening. I kept reminding myself that I’ll play for an hour and start studying at 2pm. But when it reaches 2pm, I told myself again that I’ll start studying at 3pm. When 4 o’clock strikes, I then tell myself that it’s getting a bit late. An hour of study won’t get me far. So I’ll continue playing till 5pm and this is when all my friends would come over to my place and play basketball, including my father!

The next day. Things did not change. Discipline was something that I’m highly lack of. PMR inches closer. I need to figure out a way to whip myself in shape.

The Cheat Code
Now, next to my PC is that faithful clock that fails to govern my study time. I shall use my cheat code on this clock. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. I adjusted my clock 2 hours ahead of time. When the clock strikes 2pm, I would then see it as 4pm. Did this help? Yes, because every time when I’m still sitting in that chair playing PC game at 2pm, it would show as 4pm and this had a psychological effect on me. I would look at myself thinking that it’s 4pm and my whole day will be gone again if I don’t leave that chair soon.

Thanks to the cheat code. It greatly helped me discipline myself into studying. I don’t remember my PMR results but it was all A’s and B’s and no C’s.