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Embarrassing Moments: Housemate caught me butt-naked (SFW)

This happened awhile back with my ex-housemates.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and the girls (I stayed with 3 other girls) and I thought we’ll go out and have some dessert stuff or take a walk around any mall. Since we’re pretty indecisive, we decided to just get ready and hop into the car before we waste the entire afternoon sitting in the living room discussing.

The girls went to their rooms to freshen up while I took a super quick shower to lower down my body temperature. I went in the bathroom straight without closing both my room door and toilet door. It’s gonna be quick and definitely no one would walk in on me. With just a few splash of water, I’m done. I took the tower and stand in front of the mirror to dry myself.

At this very moment, one of my housemate decided to just walk into my room to ask me a question. I could hear her footsteps walking into my room. It was too late for me to shout ‘stop’ or anything. All I could do is face away from her and let her admire my entire naked backside.

Here are some pictures to further illustrate the incident:

Layout of my room plus position of my housemate.

That’s where I stood.