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Thanks to Eve, we now have fashion!

My artistic side has brought me to love fashion. I was day dreaming away about the origins of fashion and this story came into my mind.

The Fashion Story
Long ago, God created Adam. From Adam’s rib God created him a companion name Eve.

In this garden of Eden, there’s a tree which bears the forbidden fruit. Now God has specifically warned Adam & Eve about not eating the fruit from this special tree.

But there was a cunning serpent who deceived Eve and made her take one of the forbidden fruit. Eve was a nice lady, of course she did not forget to give Adam one too! After eating the forbidden fruit they realized that they were naked. Feeling ashamed when they heard God was near they decided to cover up their body with fig leaves. Later God clothed them with animal skins.

The Result
Fashion wouldn’t exist if Eve was not deceived. Major fashion labels should be mindful of Eve’s wrong doing for today we have fashion! Else we all still be naked… oh wait… or we don’t need fashion at all in the first place.

“I pity the first animals that are slaughtered for Adam & Eve’s cloth.”


Perception on Louis Vuitton

My my… Louis Vuitton? Who is that? For those of you who do not know what actually Louis Vuitton is about please visit www.louisvuitton.com

For those of you who is familiar with it. Read on!

When I was younger I have to admit I wasn’t much of a trendy person, all I could care for are cars, planes and robots. What brought me to start observing fashion trends is mostly because design & creativity is a big part of my in-born nature. I learn about top of the line designer clothes like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Emporio Armani, LV… yes LV! (Louis Vuitton)

Gosh I was telling myself. What boring designs does this LV has got to offer besides showing off their initials and a few circles and stars all over and over the same piece of leather? Same color 365 days a year with so few variations. Yes, in a way I have to admit that maybe I wasn’t able to afford these items that makes me despise them. But you cannot conclude it that way because I seriously like Gucci or Georgia Armani stuffs. So to me, LV is just undramatic, unexciting, uninspiring, unrewarding, unsatisfying, unspectacular. BAM! I was wrong. LV is like Porsche. Look at the 911 models dated way back in the 80’s till present day. The same old shit with different smell? Not quite. It’s the power of originality, unique, character! Their design has won hearts over and over again through generations that have pass and generations to come.

Today, I’m telling a different story about LV. It has win my heart. The power of the initials used again and again yet I find it so profoundly special. Is it because of the consistency of the pricing of this product? Is it because of the quality given by them? Is it because of the advertisements by Jennifer Lopez? I seriously have no idea which part of it has hit me.

I went to LV shop down in KL the other day. No, I didn’t buy anything for myself yet. It amazes me how each item actually shine in their own color despite the weirdness it carries. Shoes, ties, pens, wallets, handbags, purses, luggage, watches, straps… the dull LV initials has show it’s serious curves that indeed are beautiful!

ps : LV has paid me zilch cent upon this great article

[Source: Louis Vuitton]