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Embarrassing Moments: Housemate caught me butt-naked (SFW)

This happened awhile back with my ex-housemates.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and the girls (I stayed with 3 other girls) and I thought we’ll go out and have some dessert stuff or take a walk around any mall. Since we’re pretty indecisive, we decided to just get ready and hop into the car before we waste the entire afternoon sitting in the living room discussing.

The girls went to their rooms to freshen up while I took a super quick shower to lower down my body temperature. I went in the bathroom straight without closing both my room door and toilet door. It’s gonna be quick and definitely no one would walk in on me. With just a few splash of water, I’m done. I took the tower and stand in front of the mirror to dry myself.

At this very moment, one of my housemate decided to just walk into my room to ask me a question. I could hear her footsteps walking into my room. It was too late for me to shout ‘stop’ or anything. All I could do is face away from her and let her admire my entire naked backside.

Here are some pictures to further illustrate the incident:

Layout of my room plus position of my housemate.

That’s where I stood.

Embarrassing Moments: Too early for a date

Have you ever turn up too early or too late for anything?

A flight? (I’ve heard friends who go to the airport 1 week earlier or 1 day late)
A wedding?
A birthday?
A concert?
A date?

A friend asked me out so I could help her with some PC stuff. So I said okay and the time was set at 8pm. I hang out in the office till almost 8pm then I left for the venue.

8:00 Told her I’ve arrived
8:15 I waited patiently
8:20 I texted her
8:30 Called her
9:00 Called her somemore
9:15 Gonna go home, date stood me up
9:30 Worried and lil’ pissed
10:00 Went home
10:30 Wait… I think the date is tomorrow instead of today
11:00 Laughs at self
12:00 She finally called and said sorry, I said it’s my fault. EMBARRASSING!

here’s the chat log for your entertainment :D

Embarrassing Moments: Groom faceoff

Exactly 2 years ago, I was at my friends wedding. A dear friend’s wedding which I’ve known since primary school. Ever since she moved to KL, she has been dating this guy which I’ve not seen till the wedding day itself.

I arrived on time at the wedding. Walk towards the reception and my friend saw me. I greeted and congratulate her and asked her to introduce her husband. He was busy entertaining guests and when he turned around to greet me. We’re both stunned for a moment. I was dressed up way better than he did on his wedding day.

I immediately walked to my table after shaking hands with him. My friends on the table were shocked at the way I dressed up for the wedding too!

And no, I ain’t gonna put any pictures to further embarrass him and my friend.

Embarrassing Moments: I’m robbing you

Another usual hang out night down in Wangsa Maju. The only difference is that I’ve done something so awesomely stupid to embarrass myself.

I was walking up the hill slope towards BRJ. I saw this red satria passed by me and the guy inside looks like my friend. Without a doubt, I confirmed because of the thick frame glasses that is so prominent. He had 3 other friends in the car with him and he took the parking spot 2 spaces from me. I decided to greet him.

As I was walking towards his car. I suddenly thought of this cheeky idea that I’ll just give him a surprise. I walk up to his car door without him realizing. He popped open his door and stood out. At this very moment I shouted “DA KEEEP!!!” (DA KEEEP = Robbing you)




“Ei??? Sorry, got the wrong person!!!”
I turned back and disappeared in front of him in an instance.