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Dreamt that I got robbed.


It was roughly 10am in the morning. There was no one around except for me. I walking slowly up these flight of stairs at a place which is much like an open air market. The place seems a little run down. I’m definitely in a small town. I continued walking towards my car which somehow is on the 1st floor.

As I reached the 1st floor. There was this guy who just walked passed me. He was staring at me and my backpack. Somehow, my backpack seems pretty valuable and I could tell that the guy has intention to rob me. As I was noticing everything that is happening. Another guy with mustache was walking towards our direction too. He too saw my backpack and I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to have a piece of my backpack.

This two random strangers looked at each other and decided to gang up and rob me. I couldn’t figure out what I was carrying in my backpack or what was it in the first place but I knew badly that I didn’t want to lose it at all cost. I quickly told them “hey hey hey… don’t rob me. I’ll give you cash!” I took out my wallet and grab all the cash I have in it. It was a miserable 40+ worth of cash only. The two guys grabbed the cash looked at me and looked at each other in a puzzling manner. I could see that they are debating if they are going to let me go or grab my backpack.

Without giving them any chance to think twice, I quickly ran towards my car which didn’t seem far away. I locked the doors and started driving off thinking to myself, how lucky I was to escaped unscathed.

I woke up from my dreams after that part without knowing what was the valuable thing in my backpack that I didn’t want to lose.

The events in this dream definitely reflected part of my life at this point. I believe it’s a metaphor of what has been robbed from me in my life and I was holding onto something so valuable that I didn’t want to lose and somehow I managed to escape unscathed.


Subliminal messages from my dreaming self.

Most people dream in first person view. They are seeing things unfold from their own perspective. There are also some who dream from a third person point of view where they see themselves from a distance. But rarely do people dream about themselves interacting with oneself.

I woke up at 7.30am after an early night of sleep. The weather was beautiful and I could hear the birds chirping happily away. Before I freshen myself up, I decided to go the the fridge first. Took an apple and munched away till the very last bit while replying some emails. Threw the apple and head for the showers. After putting on some clothes, I proceed to read some news and my eyes seems like they are dropping. I fall flat on my pillow with my body facing downwards and doze away.

The Dream
The dream started abruptly as I could see myself lying down on the bed from a first person point of view. The dream me then started to wake the sleep me literally by planting both hands on my shoulder trying to peel myself off the bed like a banana peel. The dream me was trying so hard I could feel my shoulder muscles tensed up. I woke up immediately after that.

1. I guess the dream me is trying to tell the sleep me that I’ve been sleeping too much and I should wake up.

2. Unconsciously I’m trying to tell myself that I should wake up from my bitterness and stop being bitter over nothing.

Dreaming of Roast Pork

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This must be the yummiest dream I’ve had in a long time.

The setting of the scene starts in a coffee shop. Coffee shop didn’t look familiar nor was it extraordinary. There were 2 other girl friends with me. It’s funny why the 2 girls appeared in my dream because we do know each other but we never hang out together.

We were just conversing happily till something stole our attention. A big piece of reddish brown 8″x8″ roast pork served onto our table. The vivid colors that I’ll never forget.

Of course, without hesitation I took the knife and fork to cut it down to serving size. I could feel the texture so strongly through my fingertips holding the knife and fork. The sound of the crunchy skin cracks at the sight of my knife. The strength I used to tear each piece apart and showing the beautiful layered skin, fat and meat.

With all my senses intact in my dream. One was missing. Smell. I couldn’t smell anything at all. After slicing them down to serving size. We all took a piece and put it in our mouth.

I regret to inform you that the dream has been interrupted by the alarm right at the very moment I want to stick the piece of juicy roast pork into my mouth.

And ever since the dream I’ve been wanting to have my fair share of roast pork. It took me exactly 6 attempts later to finally satisfy my craving. It’s so absurd that in that 6 times I was trying to eat roast pork, it’s either sold out or not ready yet. Pffft!

[picture is taken at Roast & Toast, a place I would totally recommend for you to have your roast pork fix!]

I believe I was melted in a dream.

I took an evening nap. Something I don’t normally do but lack of sleep recently charmed me into it.

The dream took place in a vehicle(looks like a car but size of a bus) going towards some nature expedition. The setting was lighted up with clear blue skies and brilliant shades of green along side the road. There were other people in the car but no one in particular I know except the one that I was, still and will always be madly in love for.

The funny thing for her to step into this dream is because I’ve not seen her or talk to her for more than half a year now. She was sitting in front of me. When the vehicle stopped and the driver went down to the toilet, I went in front and sat next to her.

We had a small talk but I believe I melted in my dream when she expressed that she wanted to spend some time with me in the following days.

I woke up.

“I had a dream. It’s a very beautiful dream with the girl I was, still and will be madly in love for.”

A feeling of losing everything in life.

I have this weird dream last night. (This dream I’m referring to happen way back in November 2006, had this as a draft for awhile now.)

The dream starts at Mid Valley but a different one from what we have in Kuala Lumpur. It has got an airport attached to it. What’s more rewarding? In a few hours time I’ll be flying back to Miri. Nothing beats home!

In this dream, Mid Valley is packed with tons of crowd and the airport just made the whole situation even more hectic. If you’ve been to Mid Valley, the check-in counter of the airport is next to GSC Cinemas. I remembered that in my dream this area is filled with chrome metal all around. Like a future city. I left my bags on the table, bags that are unlike any other. These bags seem to be filled with my entirely history of life. They are super precious.

There were a few friends there who are sending me off. We decided to take a walk and caught up with even more friends. Like a whole class of them! Even those who I’ve not seen for a long time are there.

While we’re all drinking and laughing. Time decided to play the devil. It’s now 10 minutes before boarding time. I panicked and ran towards my luggage but I couldn’t find them anywhere. At this moment, I felt like I’ve lost everything I ever had in life. My heart was beating fast, so fast that I woke up from the dream.

In shocked, I started to think about what it meant. Am I losing everything in my life?